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Federally Probed N.J. Mayor Vanishes

Under federal investigation for lying about his U.S. military service to illegally collect veteransâ?? benefits, the scandal-plagued mayor of Atlantic City New Jersey has disappeared and fellow city officials want him removed from office. For nearly a year, the first-term Democrat mayor (Robert Levy) of the seaside gambling resort has…

Sen. Boxer To Halt Immigration Enforcement

In a shameless effort to gain additional Congressional seats, California Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer has attached an amendment to a spending bill that will block federal immigration enforcement until after the 2010 census. The idea is to count all illegal immigrants in the next official U.S. Census, which will more…

Housing Secretary Under Investigation

A Bush cabinet member recently investigated by the agency he heads for illegally granting contracts based on political affiliation is now under FBI investigation for getting a friend a lucrative no-bid government deal. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Alphonso Jackson evidently helped a friend get $392,000 over a period…

Hillary’s “Poor” Advocate Has Lavish Life

A state legislator who was crowned national co chair of Hillary Clintonâ??s presidential campaign because heâ??s a champion of working class Latinos refuses to account for expensive luxurious trips abroad, stays at fine hotels and â??official businessâ? purchases at high-end Paris boutiques. When Clinton named Californiaâ??s Democrat Assembly Speaker

Indictments At Dallas City Hall

A widespread corruption probe in Dallas has led to federal charges against 14 civic and political leaders for participating in a kickback and bribery scheme involving affordable housing contracts. The two-year federal probe of City Hall has revealed that the public officials took bribes and kickbacks from developers contracted by…

Alien Fugitive Program Finally Gets Going

Five years after launching a seldom-enforced program to remove criminal illegal immigrants with deportation orders, the federal government has finally started the crackdown though only a small dent has been made on the hundreds of thousands of violent aliens who roam the nationâ??s streets. The Fugitive Operation Program was one…

Bribed Immigration Director Frees Alien Criminals

A high-ranking immigration official in Detroit has been charged with bribery and fraud for accepting money and expensive gifts in exchange for freeing numerous illegal immigrants, including one who later killed a college student and two registered sex offenders facing deportation. The former detention and removal operations director in Detroitâ??s…

Government’s Luxury Travel On Taxpayers

Despite the serious fiscal challenges facing the U.S. government, federal employees wasted nearly $150 million in one year alone on unauthorized premium-class travel. Claiming that they were entitled to the perks, employees from various government agencies wasted the valuable taxpayer dollars by openly flouting travel rules while department heads did…

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