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N.J. Senator Menendez Federally Investigated

A federal grand jury is investigating whether New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez, a former member of the U.S. House, illegally steered lobbying business to his former chief of staff with whom he was also romantically linked. A close and trusted aide to Menendez while he served in the House of…

Alaska Sen. Stevens Bribed With Home Remodel

The longest serving Republican in the U.S. Senate took bribes in the form of a major home remodeling, according to the federal court testimony of an oil company chairman guilty of showering several lawmakers with nearly half a million dollars of â??illegal benefits.â? Alaska Senator Ted Stevens has been implicated…

N.Y. Prosecutor Won’t Return Hsu Cash

The recently jailed fugitive Chinese businessman who raised nearly $1 million for Hillary Clintonâ??s presidential campaign also gave money to the Manhattan prosecutor investigating him for stealing from an investment fund. Longtime Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau announced recently that he is investigating whether top Democratic fundraiser Norman

Deported Criminal Illegal Immigrant Murders Baby

In the latest example of the governmentâ??s failure to protect the nation from criminal illegal aliens, a man responsible for the atrocious murder of a California infant has turned out to be a drug-addicted illegal immigrant deported after a felony conviction. Somehow the violent criminal, Juan Sanchez, sneaked back into…

Illegal Immigrants Work Inside U.S. Military Base

Four months after illegal immigrants were caught plotting a deadly attack on a New Jersey Army base they easily accessed, a dozen illegal aliens have been arrested for working inside a Texas military installation. The May plot on New Jerseyâ??s Ft. Dix exposed a serious security flaw that federal officials…

Federal Agencies Flunk Audits, Violate Law

Although their combined annual budgets amount to hundreds of billions of dollars, most federal government agencies consistently flunk annual audits required by a decades-old law, leaving them vulnerable to serious fraud and waste not to mention abuse. Congress passed a law (Federal Financial Management Improvement Act) in 1996 to ensure…

Corrupt U.N. Council Won’t Get U.S. Money

Congress is finally working to eliminate the millions of U.S. tax dollars that annually go to the shameful Human Rights Council of the scandal-plagued United Nations. The council was created last year to supposedly compensate for the decades-long failure of the U.N. Commission on Human Rights, which was supposed to…

Airport Customs Officer Bribed By Illegal Aliens

A veteran U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer at one of the nationâ??s busiest inspection stations has been charged with accepting cash bribes from foreigners entering the country illegally. The Border Protection officer (Ronald Merker) worked at the passport control section in Miami International Airport and federal authorities say he…

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