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Criminal Immigrants Fight Deportation

A federal law that calls for the deportation of immigrants who have been convicted of felonies is being challenged in various states and the Supreme Court has agreed to hear three of the cases this session. Intended to facilitate the government’s expulsion of immigrants who commit crimes, the Immigration and…

New York’s Medieval Justice

Serious abuses occur daily in small-town courts throughout New York State that practice dark-ages justice led by judges with no formal education and little knowledge or regard for the law. A lengthy newspaper expose details how New York’s town and village courts regularly violate basic rights and often close their…

Illegal Immigrant Kills Officer

In yet another tragic example of the federal government’s negligence to secure the country’s borders, a Houston Texas police officer was murdered by an illegal immigrant who had been deported in 2004 for molesting a child. The officer was brutally shot by the illegal immigrant, Juan Quintero, during a routine…

Legally Wasting Your Dollars

Directors of the U.S. Government’s taxpayer-funded legal aid program for the poor tried to fire the independent auditor who uncovered how they abuse public funds by purchasing expensive meals, fancy transportation services and millions of dollars in unnecessary office space in an upscale area. The widespread abuse at the Legal…

Government Loses More Data

In the latest of many incidents of government neglect, the federal bureau that collects the most personal and confidential information about Americans has lost hundreds of computers used to store the sensitive data. The U.S. Census Bureau, the leading source of quality data about the nation’s people and economy, has…

National Security for Sale at USCIS

The federal agency responsible for preventing immigration fraud is infested with corrupt officers who regularly accept bribes from illegal immigrants in exchange for visas and other official government documents. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), a branch of the Department of Homeland Security, claims that promoting national security

McAuliffe To Head Hillary’s Campaign

The renowned Democratic fundraiser, who made a fortune with shady investments in a telecommunications giant that went bankrupt, will chair Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign beginning next year. Former Democratic National Committee Chairman and political money machine Terry McAuliffe told his rich friends that he will in fact run Clinton’s

Indian Tribe To Block Border Fence

An Indian tribe, whose members regularly help smuggle illegal immigrants and drugs into the U.S., will not allow a fence to be erected along a vulnerable stretch of the Mexican border which happens to be on tribal land. The Tohono O’odham Indians own the second biggest reservation in the country,…

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