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Terrorist Academia Travel Axed

A group of Florida college professors has joined forces with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to sue the state for passing a new law that bans the use of public money for “acadmeic” travel to any country labeled as a terrorist nation by the U.S. State Department. The bill…

Hurricane “Victims” Abuse Aid Money

The so-called victims of hurricane Katrina portrayed by the media as poor folks wrongly neglected by the U.S. Government, spent hundreds of millions of taxpayer assistance dollars on outrageous things such as divorces, luxury vacations and even a sex change. After the storm, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) distributed…

Dairy State Fraud

Wisconsin’s governor categorically denies pressuring a purchasing official–convicted this week of fraud–to award a lucrative state contract to a company owned by his longtime buddy who also happens to be a big time campaign contributor. Georgia Thompson, a state Department of Administration purchasing supervisor, was convicted in a Milwaukee

High Court’s Mixed Messages

Colorado’s Supreme Court contradicted itself this week by ruling against a measure it had favored a few years ago prohibiting illegal immigrants from receiving taxpayer-funded public services. The 4-2 ruling seemed quite strange considering a virtually identical measure – restricting non-emergency services provided by state and local governments to

Another Cali Rep. In Hot Water

New and incriminating stories are surfacing daily in the federal investigation of one of the most powerful members of the United States House of Representatives, California Republican Jerry Lewis, who happens to be the chairman of the Appropriations Committee. The committee oversees about $900 billion in federal funding, which means…

Florida Election Fiasco To Continue

Tests conducted months ago by a Florida supervisor of elections exposed serious security problems with electronic voting machines and now embarrassed state officials want to pass a new law that prohibits such testing in the future. You would think Florida officials would praise Ion Sancho, the supervisor of elections in…

Money Talks With Border Patrol

While the United States government is charged with protecting and securing our border, the federal agency in charge of this job has high-ranking inspectors waving in drug and alien smugglers for bribes. For the second time in a week, a U.S. Customs and Border Protection inspector, supposedly guarding the U.S.-Mexican…

Bribed Mayor Arrested

A cozy little city in Illinois that claims to take pride in everything it does isn’t too proud of its longtime mayor who was arrested this week – on his 78th birthday – for taking bribes. Federal authorities had for years investigated the mayor of Niles, a city North of…

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