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Baucus to Return Abramoff Donations

The Associated Press has reported that Senator Max Baucus, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Finance Committee, is donating nearly $19,000 he received from lobbyist Jack Abramoff’s clients to colleges in his state. Though Baucus never received the money directly from Abramoff and has never actually met him, Baucus’ spokesman…

High-Powered Explosives Stolen In New Mexico

As if the country wasn’t already on edge over terrorism and lack of national security, this week hundreds of pounds of powerful explosives have disappeared from a lab in New Mexico. Some media outlets have labeled it the biggest explosives heist in recent history and the scary part is that…

Judicial Watch Argues Illegal Day Labor Case in Court

Today, Judicial Watch, representing several town of Herndon residents, brought its case against illegal “day laborer sites” before Fairfax County Circuit Court. Lawyers for the town of Herndon argued that the town residents did not have standing to file the lawsuit. William Hurd, the former Virginia solicitor general who argued…

Big-time Corruption In Tiny Virginia County

From a political standpoint, West Virginia’s Logan County may be tiny (less than 38,000 residents) but Democrats have put it on the map as a hotbed of ongoing political corruption. In the last few years, at least a dozen Democrats have been charged in an ongoing voter fraud scheme, which…

George Ryan Trial, Part 8

Some fireworks erupted in court on Tuesday. Lead prosecutor Patrick Collins accused defense attorney Dan Webb of impugning the integrity of prosecutor Levin and FBI agent Ruebenson. Webb suggested, through several thinly veiled references, that Collins and Ruebenson had told a witness what to say in order for the witness…

Illegal Immigrants Have American Children

Should the children of illegal immigrants who are born in the United States get automatic citizenship? The Constitution’s 14th Amendment says yes and every year it happens in thousands of cases in this country. According to a story published nationwide by the newspaper chain Knight-Ridder, a group of lawmakers in…

Tancredo: 51 Terrorist Suspects Crossed Border Illegally

Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO) recently revealed that since October, 2004, 51 persons who have crossed into the U.S. illegally were arrested on suspicion of terrorism. Those arrested came from countries known to harbor terrorists such as Iran, Iraq and Syria. Here is the press release from December 12 in its…

Christmas Makes a Comeback

The liberal campaign to replace the phrase Merry Christmas for the “politically correct” Happy Holidays is failing. Retailers, public school districts and even politicians have caved into the pressure and it has backfired royally, especially for big-chain stores such as Target, Macy’s, Sears and Lowe’s. Groups such as the

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