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Left works to loosen election rules, experts say

Government responds to 9/11 records request… 11 years later

When Colleges Create Their Own DREAM Acts

The Great DHS Ammunition Stockpile Myth

Secretive McCarthy not fit to head EPA

State Sen. Malcolm Smith, city Councilman Halloran arrested in ‘bribery plot’ to rig mayor race

Arkansas’ GOP-led Legislature passes voter ID law

Border security in exchange for immigration reform? Napolitano says no deal.

Exclusive: Judicial Watch Investigating Cost of Sasha, Malia Bahamas Trip

Op-Ed: Perez the wrong pick for Labor secretary

Sasha, Malia Obama Vacation at Bahamas’ ‘Atlantis’ Report

Justice attorneys wary of Perez’s nomination for Labor, cite ‘most devastating indictment’

Obama Recess Picks Meet Skepticism From Appeals Judges

Mortgages’ Future Looks Too Much Like the Past

Examiner Local Editorial: Locked out of the White Hous

Thomas Perez is a Hero to Some, Liberal Hack to Others

Holder Faces New Questions About Racial Bias, Credibility After IG Report & Documents Released

Where the Sun Don’t Shine

Nun resigns after vote fraud accusation

Holder was no help with Ohio voter rolls

Feds Gave $3.3 Million to Nativist, Classist ‘Diversity Training’ Firm Over Five Years

$50,000 for Michelle’s Let’s Move! trip

The Diversity Racket

DHS official resigns after immigrants are freed

ICE Cuts Deal with Unions to Avoid Enforcing Immigration Law

Sensitivity training that leaves a listener numb

The case of the phantom ballots: an electoral whodunit

Mortgage companies want R.I. judge’s foreclosure order lifted

Poll: Majority of U.S. Citizens Say Illegal Immigrants Should Be Deported

USDA Whistleblower Speaks Out About Controversial ‘Cultural Sensitivity Training’ Seminar

Obama, the puppet master

CIA Finds Some Extra Pics of bin Laden’s Corpse Lying Around the Office

Obama Incorporated

How Obama Is Wielding Executive Power In 2nd Term

Obama Activist and Poll Worker on Camera: “I Voted Twice for Obama”

The Voter Fraud That ‘Never Happens’ Keeps Coming Back

Nefarious coziness: Justice & the SPLC

Tacky: Morris Dees & SPLC Reveal a Kind Note from Brad Reynolds

Sessions: Obama Immigration Enforcement Chief Must Resign

Policy-Based Evidence-Making at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Jeering Inaugural DOJ Lawyer Typical Bureaucratic Partisan Ideologue

Emails show FBI investigating Sen. Bob Menendez for sleeping with underage Dominican prostitutes

Superior Court Judge Refuses To Dismiss Lawsuit Challenging Impound Order

Holder Begs Court to Stop Document Release on Fast and Furious

Should the Government Release Bin Laden Death Photos?

Days before election, intern for Menendez was spared arrest, report says

Senate Must Ask Brennan About Bin Laden Film Leaks

Obama Will Keep His “Heat Shield”

Osama Bin Laden Photo Release Considered By Appeals Court

Welfare recipients take out cash at strip clubs, liquor stores and X-rated shops

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