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Oh my: Documents reveal that Kagan may have helped craft legal defense of ObamaCare

Deadly exposure: The Osama bin Laden photo battle

Judicial Watch’s Fitton explains DISCLOSE executive order’s threat to free speech

Will Osama bin Laden death photos ever appear?

2012 battlefield: The Supreme Court

San Francisco County jail won’t hold inmates for ICE

For Obama team, transparency means sneaking off to a coffee …

Watchdog group is prepared to sue for photos of bin Laden

Obama’s Empty Transparency Rhetoric

Maxine Waters: Swamp Queen

Lawsuit worries prompted reversal on college tuition for illegal immigrants

DHS Sued Over Drunk Illegal Immigrant Who Killed Nun

IG’s oversight and clout shrink under Obama

Selling ObamaCare: More propaganda

Obama’s favorite gangsters convicted again

White House visitor logs riddled with holes

Arizona lawmakers: Feds failed to protect Americans

School Official Finds Retirement Is Just A Higher Pay Grade

Conservatives Renew Political Charges Against Holder, DOJ

Ensign’s former aide faces federal charges

Immigration numbers game: Better accounting, please

Another FOIA lawsuit filed against Eric Holder’s DOJ

The White House Guess List: How Obama Pulled a Fast One on the American People — in the Name of “Transparency”

Lawmakers, advocates debate photo ID in elections

So, Shailagh Murray, when did you start dickering with Biden for a job?

Letter to the Editor: Rewarding lawbreakers with tuition

Administration falling short on FOIA compliance, critics say

Obama wants it both ways on Sunshine Week

Witnesses: Open records law still difficult to use

Judge sets April 1 hearing over Arizona Legislature’s request to defend immigration law

Alcee Hastings’ Scandals Collide in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

US Justice Department opposes bid by Arizona Legislature to defend immigration law in court

The Value of Guantanamo’s Intelligence

FBI memo tied Kennedy to brothel, leftists in ’61

Prince William to sue feds over immigration records

Bombshell: Justice Department Only Selectively Complies with Freedom of Information Act

A moratorium needed for Obamacare until its constitutionality …

Tuition breaks for illegal immigrants? Montgomery College …

Witching hour for Black Panthers

The New Black Panther case and liberal spin

No sunlight on Black Panthers

Pigford and New Black Panthers: Friends at DOJ

Dems Should Seek Eric Holder’s Resignation

Black Ops on Black Panther case

Watchdog group calls Rep. Jerry Lewis corrupt, says he shouldn’t lead Appropriations

Super-sized pensions, and a doomsday scenario

Pelosi’s Speaker Shuttle: The Inside Story

Treasury Shields Citigroup as Deletions Undercut Disclosure

Washington Post Blockbuster Confirms Worst Fears About Holder Justice Dept. Race Policies

Dispute over New Black Panthers case causes deep divisions

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