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Clinton Withholds Sotomayor Files

…Although Barack Obama chastised Bill Clinton during the presidential primary for withholding crucial files from Hillary’s disastrous healthcare task force, he supports the former commander-in-chief’s decision to withhold hundreds of documents relating to Sonia Sotomayor’s 1990s appeals court confirmation battle. Responding to a Freedom of Information Act request from various media outlets, the Clinton Presidential Library recently posted thousands of documents relating to the 1997 nomination of Judge…


Loyal Clintonites Run Obama Economic Policy

…White House when Hillary was First Lady. She brought them on board for her failed presidential campaign and now Obama swears by them. Let’s start with Roger Altman, the investment banker and longtime Clinton friend who got booted as Deputy Treasury Secretary in 1994 for illegally intervening in a federal investigation of a failed Arkansas bank with ties to the Clintons. Altman also broke federal rules of confidentiality by giving…


Clinton’s $1 Million Woodstock Earmark Nixed

Hillary Clinton’s secret mission to redirect one million taxpayer dollars from health and education to a campaign donor’s 1960s music festival museum has been exposed and defeated in the Senate. In June Clinton and her fellow New York Democrat in the Senate (Charles Schumer) slipped an earmark into a massive 2008 Health, Human Services and Education spending bill that would have given $1 million to a museum memorializing the…


Clinton Says No Woman Is Illegal

…Perhaps Hillary Clinton has found a new campaign slogan: “No Woman is illegal.” Munching on the popular Mexican staple of tortilla chips during a campaign tour in Las Vegas, the New York senator shouted what could easily become the new theme of her presidential run after a man confessed that his wife is in fact an illegal alien. The touching exchanged took place during Clinton’s bus tour of Las…


Another Clinton Donor Charged With Serious Crime

…A Texas oilman accused of defrauding a foreign government is the latest—and at least the fourth—major Hillary Clinton fundraiser charged or convicted with a serious crime. The Nigerian-American millionaire (Kase Lawal) is among 250-plus “Hillraisers,” who pledged to collect at least $100,000 for Clinton’s presidential campaign. In August the New York senator attended a fundraising luncheon at Lawal’s upscale Houston residence that generated more than $100,000 from about 250…


Clinton Was Great White House Coffee Hostess

…While a great deal of Hillary Clinton’s newly released First Lady schedule features mystery private meetings, documents from 1996 clearly show her participating in a lot of fundraising events including the scandalous White House coffees used for illegal campaign fundraising. Throughout that year and parts of 1995, Clinton hosted White House coffees to raise cash for her husband’s reelection campaign. The events are marked CG for Clinton-Gore and appear…


Clinton Praises Convicted Chinese Fundraiser

…This week federal jurors heard the nation’s Secretary of State praise a criminally convicted Chinese fundraiser who donated nearly $1 million to her political campaign while he was a fugitive from U.S. justice. Hillary Clinton repeatedly thanked admitted swindler Norman Hsu for his support of her failed presidential campaign, telling him that she’s never seen anybody who has been more loyal and more effective. The former New York Senator…


Clinton Impeachment Haunts Popular Judicial Nominee

…who thought President Clinton had committed high crimes and misdemeanors. Senator Boxer has made headlines this year for her involvement in a variety of fiascos, including the disappearance of a wealthy Pakistani campaign donor (Abdul Rehman Jinnah) who appears on the FBI’s most wanted list. Incidentally, the fugitive has also donated big sums to Hillary Clinton. In October Boxer secretly attached an amendment to a spending bill to block federal…


Clinton Fights National Security Measure

…Although she claims that national security is of paramount importance, New York Senator Hillary Clinton vigorously opposes a plan developed in response to the September 11 terrorist attacks and designed to strengthen border security. The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative requires all travelers, U.S. citizens and foreign nationals alike, to present a passport that denotes identity and citizenship when entering the United States from Canada, Mexico, Central and South America,…


Vendors Say Clinton Is A Deadbeat

…Although Hillary Clinton has millions in the bank, she has for months stiffed hundreds of small vendors who are owed tens of thousands of dollars for work on her presidential campaign. Two Ohio businesses that are owed more than $25,000 for staging campaign events are warning those who plan to do business with the former First Lady to get the money up front. Employees say Clinton’s campaign has…


History The Clinton Way

…Thanks to a notably corrupt first couple today is a shameful day in political history, she barely escaping perjury charges after lying to a federal grand jury and he publicly denying a scandalous affair with a White House intern.Who else could it be if not Bill and Hillary Clinton? On this day in 1996 the nation’s current Secretary of State lied to a grand jury about obstructing justice to…


Judicial Watch Files New Lawsuit for Clinton’s Benghazi Emails on behalf of Dr. Larry Kawa

…Private Citizen Seeks One Week of Emails (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today that it filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the Department of State seeking all records of communications between former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Obama White House from the day of the terrorist attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi and throughout the following week. The lawsuit was filed on…


Media Advisory: Court Hearing Scheduled for Tomorrow on Clinton Email Preservation

…dissemination of an advertisement intended to air in Pakistan entitled “A Message from the President of the United States Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.” The advertisement was seen as an apology for the Internet video that President Obama, then-Secretary of State Clinton, and other administration officials falsely blamed for inspiring “spontaneous demonstrations” resulting in the attack on the U.S. Special Mission Compound in Benghazi, Libya. ###…


Ben Shapiro: Hillary Clinton Lies… A Lot

…In a video for, Ben Shapiro gives an overview of Hillary Clinton’s history of lying. His discussion includes Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, which Judicial Watch has been investigating. Judicial Watch discovered that Cheryl Mills, Clinton’s former chief-of-staff while she was Secretary of State, helped Clinton avoid turning over 1.8 million emails to federal investigators, Judicial Watch, and Congress. Read more about Cheryl Mills’ involvement in Clinton’s Benghazi cover-up,…


The Benghazi Bonanza: A Bi-Partisan Scandal

…The Benghazi affair is beginning to shape up as a bi-partisan scandal — making Trey Gowdy’s life doubly difficult, of course. But the former prosecutor has been doing a bang-up job with his select committee, demolishing the mantra that there is “nothing new” to be learned about Benghazi and building a sober, far-reaching inquiry. Without Gowdy, recall, there would be no Clinton secret server, no Sidney Blumenthal trail, no…

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