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Hillary Is Undisputed Tainted Money Champ

Hillary Clinton by far leads all presidential contendersâ??both Democrat and Republican–for having the largest amount of shady donors and in just a few months she has returned nearly $1.3 million in questionable donations from scandal-plagued sources. The New York Senator has refunded more than triple the amount of campaign cash than the rest of her Democratic rivals combined since July. Under fire and public scrutiny, Clinton returned 700 contributions,…


Clinton Fundraiser And Friend Guilty

…One of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s top fundraisers and close friend has pleaded guilty to swindling a major public school district out of millions of dollars by exploiting a program designed to help minority businesses. The wealthy Chicago businessman, James Levin, has contributed lots of money to a number of nationally known Democratic candidates and served as a White House liaison for other fundraisers during Hillary’s first Senate campaign….


Judicial Watch Gives Feds 20 Days to Return FOIA Requests for Hillary Clinton’s Secret Email System

…Judicial Watch recently filed a new FOIA request seeking information about Hillary Clinton’s secret State Department email system. This request is asking for email correspondence between Clinton, Clinton’s former aides, and State Department employees and the non-government email systems Clinton used to conduct official business. If this request is not fulfilled in 20 days, Judicial Watch will file a FOIA lawsuit against the State Department on this matter. Read…


Top Obama, Clinton Donor Charged With Multiple Fraud

…Weeks after being arrested for a separate crime, the shady Iranian fundraiser who has donated huge sums to top Democrats—including the president, vice president and secretary of state—has been charged with defrauding several banks out of hundreds of millions of dollars. Less than a month ago investment banker Hassan Nemazee had Democratic leaders (Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton among them) scrambling to return tainted money amid fraud…


Shady Clinton Money Man Gets The Boot

…The major Clinton donor whose company was federally investigated for selling databases of sick and unsuspecting elderly people to scam artists has been fired as chairman of the board on the heels of a shareholder lawsuit accusing him of misspending millions of dollars. As head of the Omaha-based marketing database firm InfoUSA Inc, Vinod Gupta spent excessive mounts of company money on questionable things like a yacht, a private…


Bailed Out Banks Gave Clinton Millions

…Four of the ailing financial institutions that received taxpayer bailout money—including a giant bank that got $300 billion this week—paid Bill Clinton millions of dollars to deliver his coveted speeches. A news agency reports that Hillary Clinton’s Senate financial disclosure statements reveal that Bill got $2.1 million from major banks that later fell into a financial crisis. Among them are two that received federal bailout money, one that collapsed…


Another Shady Clinton Donor Investigated

…A Texas businessman, who is a top Democratic fundraiser and has donated the federal limit to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, is under investigation for practicing law without a license and impersonating a sheriff’s deputy to silence a woman he sexually assaulted. Renowned in ritzy Corpus Christi circles, Mauricio Celis is one of Texas’ most generous Democratic donors ($100,000 at a single Democratic fundraiser earlier this year alone) and candidates…


Another Top Clinton Donor Questioned

…Maintaining her tradition of shady fundraising practices, Hillary Clinton has received questionable donations from a wealthy New York businessman who has avoided contribution limits by funneling the money through associates and friends he later reimbursed. The rich businessman, Norman Hsu, is actually an official â??HillRaiserâ? because he is one of a few hundred supporters who pledged to raise $100,000 or more for Clintonâ??s presidential campaign. It turns out that…


What Is Clinton Hiding In White House Papers?

…Recent polls indicate that Hillary Clinton has effectively promoted her White House experience as a strong reason to be elected president yet the New York Senator insists on keeping information from her First Lady Era secret until after the 2008 election. Although she has swayed many Americans by touting her experience as unique among all candidates, Clinton wants to keep the gory details of that eight-year tenure under wraps…


Clinton Pal Gets $6 Million In Stimulus Funds

…In the latest of numerous examples of the pervasive fraud and abuse in stimulus spending, nearly $6 million in federal funds went to Hillary Clinton’s longtime confidant and chief campaign strategist with a cut of the money going to one of President Obama’s top Florida advisers. Clinton’s close friend and campaign guru Mark Penn received $5.97 million from the government to save three jobs at his global public relations…


Clinton Buys Poor Hispanic, Black Vote

Hillary Clinton paid poor minorities in two states thousands of dollars for primary votes in their respective communities by using a controversial and ethically suspicious campaign tool. Camp Clinton paid hundreds of Hispanics and blacks in Texas and Ohio to help buy influence among those crucial constituencies in the presidential primary elections. In one poverty-stricken Texas border town, Clinton paid a Hispanic family of eight residing in rundown trailer…


Clinton Hosts Islamic World Forum For Obama In D.C.

…In the Obama Administration’s continuing effort to befriend Muslims, the United States will for the first time host an international Islamic forum held annually in the Middle East and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will headline the three-day event.Created to address issues critical to Arabs and Muslims, the U.S.-Islamic World Forum will come to Washington D.C. this week after eight years in Qatar. Clinton will be America’s friendly host…


Alcee Hastings To Lead Clinton Campaign

…A corrupt Florida congressman impeached as a federal judge for perjury and bribery is Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign co chair in the Sunshine State. Clinton says Representative Alcee Hastings’ “leadership role” will bring her message of change throughout Florida and across the country. Hastings, in turn, says that when the next “President Clinton” is elected, the country will be a much better place for the African-American community. Hastings has…


Jail For Top Democratic Donor, Clinton Friend

…A prominent California attorney who got Bill Clinton to veto legislation that would hurt his business and has donated generously to the Democratic Party will go to jail for two years for conspiracy and obstruction of justice. Crowned “King of the Shareholder Suit,” William Lerach made his fortune winning billions of dollars for defrauded investors in class-action cases against some of America’s biggest corporations, including Enron. He also…


Thank Clinton For Islam In Public Schools

…A convicted terrorist with ties to Osama bin Laden is not only a friend, donor and advisor to Hillary Clinton, he helped Bill Clinton write the guidelines that allow Islamic indoctrination in the country’s public schools. In 1995 the former president created a 35-member committee to help author the Religious Expression in Public School guidelines and, although it was well-known that liberal groups such as the American Civil Liberties…

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