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Sharpton On Clinton: “Never Done Nothing For Us”

…Claiming that Hillary Clinton has “never done nothing for us,” a nationally-known and controversial black leader who once ran for president has announced his highly sought support for Barack Obama. The Reverend Al Sharpton, who has threatened marches and demonstrations if Florida’s delegates are counted, is actually quite friendly with Obama and has boasted that he talks to the Illinois senator two or three times a week. During a…


Shady Clinton Fundraiser Frontrunner For Governor

…The prolific Democratic fundraiser who chaired Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and made a fortune with shady investments in a bankrupt company may become governor of the nation’s 12th most populous state. Former Democratic National Committee Chairman and political money machine Terry McAuliffe is a party frontrunner for Virginia governor but as the primary election approaches this month, legitimate questions about his crooked past are surfacing. McAuliffe was investigated…


Clinton Rule Exempting U.N. Diplomats From Taxes Prevails

…Conveniently opposed by Hillary Clinton when she represented New York in the U.S. Senate, a controversial State Department rule that exempts foreign diplomats from paying tens of millions of dollars in city property taxes has been upheld by an appellate court. Implemented under Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State, the measure she contested as a lawmaker excuses diplomats to the United Nations from paying New York City property taxes…


Clinton’s Criminal Housing Sec. To Clean Up ACORN

…has been recruited to do. The shamed Clinton cabinet member will conduct a probe of the notoriously corrupt Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), well known for voter fraud, embezzlement and cooking the books. ACORN has been embroiled in numerous corruption cases lately, including countless voter registration fraud probes nationwide, the guilty plea of a high-ranking official for organizing a scheme that illegally paid workers (including “lazy crack…


Clinton Investigator Convicted Of 76 Crimes

…campaign officials and Hillary based on their attempts to use Pellicano’s analysis to discredit and thus defame her. During a jailhouse deposition in the Flowers case, Pellicano refused to answer questions from Judicial Watch attorneys. Pellicano also helped the former First Couple with damage control in the Monica Lewinsky scandal by unearthing Lewinsky’s old boyfriend (Andy Blieler), who told reporters that Lewinsky told him she wanted to go to Washington…


Holder Sure Career Was Over After Clinton Pardons

…The Clinton official who predicted his public career was over after orchestrating the shameful pardons of a fugitive financier and a pair of jailed domestic terrorists has been picked by Barack Obama to be the nation’s top law enforcement officer. If the president-elect has his way, Eric Holder will be the next U.S. Attorney General despite his highly controversial past and serious political baggage. As deputy attorney general Holder…


Clinton Atty. Gen. Says Pardons Not Vetted

Clinton Attorney General Janet Reno is defending Eric Holder’s push to pardon a fugitive financier and a pair of terrorists, claiming the White House was bombarded with last-minute requests and there was no time to properly investigate them all. For the first time since the Clinton pardon scandal resurfaced, his loyal attorney general is offering some insight on what really went down. The highly controversial last-minute pardons became the…


Clinton Judge Impeached By Congress

…from ever holding public office. It marked the first Senate impeachment trial since Bill Clinton was acquitted for obstructing justice to hide his affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. Clinton was impeached for perjury, obstruction of justice and malfeasance in office by the House. Porteous’s many transgressions were discovered during an FBI investigation of state judges in New Orleans’s Jefferson Parish, where he served until Clinton gave him his…


Obama Considers Corrupt Clinton Official As Economic Adviser

…economic policy issues and the next director is expected to play a key role in stimulating the ailing economy. A notoriously unscrupulous character like Altman seems like a bizarre pick, though Obama has previously assigned other Clinton cover-up figures to key positions in his administration. Altman is best known for his efforts to help the Clintons cover up a shady Arkansas real estate scam (known as Whitewater) that essentially bilked…


Clinton Judge Breaks Senate Impeachment Trial Dry Spell

…In a heartwarming trivia tidbit, the subject of the U.S. Senate’s first impeachment trial in more than a decade is a crooked Louisiana federal judge appointed by the last figure—Bill Clinton—to be tried by the panel. How appropriate that Clinton, admonished by the House of Representatives in 1998, helped end the Senate Impeachment Trial Committee’s 10-year dry spell. The Senate eventually acquitted the former president after a 21-day trial,…


Press Conference on New Information on Hillary Clinton and Benghazi Scandal

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced it will host a press conference to discuss new information about what top officials in the State Department knew about the deadly terrorist attack on the Benghazi Special Mission Compound on September 11, 2012. Date: Thursday, February 26, 2015 Time: 1:30 pm ET Location: First Amendment Lounge National Press Club 529 14th Street NW Washington, DC 20045 Confirmed Speaker: Tom Fitton President,…


Media Advisory: Court Hearing on ‘Discovery’ in Clinton Email Issue

…(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch today announced that District Court Judge Emmet G. Sullivan will hold a hearing on Judicial Watch’s motion for discovery on Tuesday, February 23, 2016. In its motion, Judicial Watch argues that the State Department and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton deliberately thwarted the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) for six years. The developments come in a Judicial Watch FOIA lawsuit that seeks records…


Former DOJ Official: Email Case Against Hillary Clinton ‘Stinks To High Heaven’

…From Breitbart: On March 11, 2009, a State Department official, whose name is redacted, sent an email to another State Department official, whose name is redacted. That email, obtained in a lawsuit by Judicial Watch, might be the smoking gun in the Hillary Clinton email case – at least as it pertains to Clinton possibly losing information due to “gross negligence.” According to the official, Hillary Clinton approached Ambassador…


State Dept.: ‘No record’ of signed document from Hillary Clinton affirming records turned over

…The State Department admitted this week that Hillary Clinton never signed OF-109, a form she needed to sign to turn in her classified emails to the department. Clinton turned over 30,000 emails to the State Department last December, but decided to delete more than 30,000 emails that she deemed to be “private” and “unclassified.” Meanwhile, Judicial Watch has been taking legal steps to investigate this email scandal. Last week,…


Clintons Cover-Up Team

…While they worked for Hillary Clinton at the State Department, Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills used personal email addresses from Clinton’s private server. This news comes as the American public learns more about Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. In addition, Huma Abedin held private sector jobs on the side, and Cheryl Mills was known for preventing any Benghazi-related documents from being reviewed by the Accountability Review Board. In 2000, Judicial…

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