Judicial Watch • $1.6 Mil To Restore Chicano Murals With Communist Images

$1.6 Mil To Restore Chicano Murals With Communist Images

$1.6 Mil To Restore Chicano Murals With Communist Images

JANUARY 23, 2012

In its push to help the increasingly powerful La Raza movement the Obama Administration is dedicating over a million and a half dollars to restore Chicano murals—some featuring renowned communists—in one state and cancelling more than 1,600 deportations in two others.  

It’s part of the administration’s ongoing effort to cater to the influential open borders lobby, which has benefitted handsomely since one of its top officials (National Council of La Raza Vice President Cecilia Muñoz) got a job in the Obama White House. Earlier this month the president elevated Muñoz from White House Director of Intergovernmental Affairs to the more powerful and prestigious post of Domestic Policy Director.

A Judicial Watch investigation revealed last year that federal funding for the NCLR, which promotes itself as the nation’s largest Latino civil rights group, skyrocketed—from $4.1 million to $11 million—since Muñoz got her White House job in 2009. A big chunk of the money (60%) came from the Department of Labor, which is headed by a former California congresswoman (Hilda Solis) with close ties to the La Raza movement. 

The administration is catering to the movement in other ways, according to a pair of recently published news reports. The first tells of a $1.6 million federal government allocation to restore more than a dozen anti-American, Chicano murals in San Diego. Among them are images of communists Fidel Castro and Che Guevara and a map of Aztlan, a delusional Mexican nation that Chicano folklore says is made up of California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and parts of Colorado and Texas. Pictures were recently posted by an Arizona group dedicated to fighting illegal immigration.

A separate news report reveals that the administration has recommended canceling deportation proceedings for more than 1,600 illegal immigrants in Colorado and Maryland. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has determined that that these illegal aliens are not a national security or public safety threat because they’ve never been jailed for local crimes. All of the cases in this particular situation come from Denver and Baltimore.  

This appears to be part of the administration’s backdoor amnesty plan, which halts the removal of certain classes of illegal immigrants absent congressional action on the matter. It officially started a few months ago when DHS launched a nationwide “training program” to assure that enforcement agents and prosecuting attorneys don’t remove illegal immigrants who haven’t been convicted of crimes. 

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  • bobmartin30

    Morons out of control. Isn’t the biggest crime, being here illegally?

  • Kanthonyb

    ENOUGH! The administration double-speak must stop!

    If you are here illegally, YOU HAVE COMMITTED A CRIME! Deport them and SECURE THE BORDER!!

    Stop electing the morons who spend our taxes on this kind of crap.

  • sbbrgy

    Does this site Send our comments to the White house or the campaigns??? They have to know How STUPID and Repulsive their behavior is!!

  • sbbrgy

    NO WAY!!!! Are you Kidding me??? 1.6 Mil of American $$ going on THIS!!! REPULSIVE!!!! Im ASHAMED at the choices this country is making!…
    My family has been American for 7+ Generations, Fought in Wars and Upheld American Laws…We are Outraged at this spending choice!!
    What about using 1.6 Mil to DEPORT Illegals!!! Or give it to Suffering AMERICAN schools!!!


  • kylefclark

    What a tragedy, and an utter disgrace to U.S. citizens/taxpayers! Both, BO & his low life administrative appointees, have no right to continually waste OUR money on this type of BS. When will this POS (BO) and his cronies be removed, so this criminal behavior will end?

  • James G Conley

    Why does the congress “BELIVE”They have The “RIGHT”To Use Our Taxpayer Dollars,To Promote The ANTI AMERICAN agenda of Laraza??????????????,,AnyOne Have an Explaination??,As a TEXAN , I DON’T,The LAW REQUIRES DEPORTATION of ALL Illegal Persons,ILLEGAL BEING THE KEY WORD!…………………………
    After the COURT Action in GEORGIA,IS Finished With Obama,I DO NOT WANT ANY CRYS for IMPEACHMENT..
    Obama Must Be Arrested by Federal Marshals,And be escorted to Federal Prison,AN “ILLEGAL” PRESIDENT,CAN NOT BE IMPEACHED,”IMPEACHMENT” IS FOR A STANDING “LEGAL” PRESIDENT, “IMPEACHMENT”Would recognize him as” President”………………….WHICH HE IS NOT!………………………..! PERIOD.

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