Judicial Watch • Fla. Sends Voter Cards To Women Who Haven’t Lived In State for Years

Fla. Sends Voter Cards To Women Who Haven’t Lived In State for Years

Fla. Sends Voter Cards To Women Who Haven’t Lived In State for Years

AUGUST 31, 2012

Months after Judicial Watch warned election officials in a key battleground state to remove ineligible voters from its rolls JW has uncovered an alarming case that proves the integrity and legitimacy of the electoral process is not being ensured as required by federal law.

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The story, out of Florida, is almost unbelievable but JW has all the documentation to prove it. First here is a little background; in 2010 JW launched the Election Integrity Project precisely to pressure states and localities around the nation to clean up voter registration rolls pursuant to Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA).

The goal is simple, to ensure the integrity and legitimacy of the electoral process by removing from the eligible voter lists the names of people who have died or moved. Enacted in 1993, NVRA actually requires this so states and counties shouldn’t need a reminder from an independent, nonpartisan educational foundation like JW.

Never the less, JW obtained publicly available data that indicates voter rolls around the country—including key swing states—contain the names of individuals who are ineligible to vote. They include Mississippi, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Florida, Alabama, California, and Colorado.

JW found that there appear to be more individuals on voter registration lists in these states than there are individuals eligible to vote, including dead people. JW warned election officials with letters notifying them of the problem and reminding that they’re required by law to “maintain accurate lists of eligible voters for use in conducting elections.” JW further writes that it’s prepared to take legal action of the voter rolls aren’t cleaned up.

Florida Secretary of State Kurt Browning got his friendly reminder in February, specifically noting that the Sunshine State appears to be failing to remove from the eligible voter lists the names of people who have died or moved. This is crucial because election fraud was a significant concern during the 2008 and 2010 elections and voter registration fraud was rampant.

In comes the case of two South Carolina women—a mother and daughter—who continue receiving voter registration cards from the West Palm Beach, Florida Supervisor of Elections office long after leaving the state and registering to vote in another one. They moved to Greenville more than four years ago and have repeatedly notified Florida and West Palm Beach election officials. When they continued receiving voter cards and even absentee ballots they notified the Attorney General’s office and a special Florida voter fraud hotline.

JW has obtained copies of the Florida voter registration cards sent to the mother’s Greenville address as recently as this month. To protect the women’s privacy, we can’t provide them but the forms are legitimate and the story is truly inconceivable. “This is voter fraud to the max,” one of the frustrated citizens told JW. “After I finally got an email confirmation from the (Florida) state division of elections that my name had finally been removed from their list, I checked my mail box and there they were; two cards. One in my name and one in my daughter’s name. It’s truly bizarre and annoying.”

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  • cnvarne11

    Our daughter moved permanently to San Diego more than six years ago and is still registered to vote in Pensacola.

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