Judicial Watch • Police Blast Obama for Picking Cop Killer’s Defender to Head DOJ Civil Rights Div.

Police Blast Obama for Picking Cop Killer’s Defender to Head DOJ Civil Rights Div.

Police Blast Obama for Picking Cop Killer’s Defender to Head DOJ Civil Rights Div.

JANUARY 07, 2014

The nation’s largest police union is blasting President Obama for choosing an attorney who defended a cop murderer—and member of the radical Black Panthers—to head a key division at the Justice Department, the agency responsible for enforcing the law and defending the interests of the United States.

Obama’s nominee to be Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division at the Department of Justice (DOJ), Debo Adegbile, spent more than a decade in various leadership positions—including director—at the Legal Defense and Education Fund of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). During Adegbile’s leadership the NAACP volunteered its services to represent Mumia Abu-Jamal, a member of the Black Panthers who murdered a police officer (Daniel Faulkner) in Philadelphia three decades ago.

Abu-Jamal was sentenced to death by the jury that convicted him in 1982 and his supporters—including the man who could soon be an Assistant Attorney General—have long claimed that he was the victim of a racist legal system. Nevertheless, Abu-Jamal has lost multiple appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court has twice rejected his case. In 2012, under the leadership of Adegbile, the NAACP’s Legal Defense and Education Fund represented Abu-Jamal in his latest appeal to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. The cop murderer lost that one too, but the fact remains that Adegbile continues fighting on his behalf.

Understandably, this is upsetting to hundreds of thousands of law enforcement officers represented by the National Fraternal Order of Police. In a hard-hitting letter to President Obama, the group expresses “extreme disappointment, displeasure and vehement opposition” to Adegbile’s nomination. “As word of this nomination spreads through the law enforcement community, reactions range from anger to incredulity,” the letter says, reminding that there is no disputing that Officer Faulkner was murdered by the “thug” who Adegbile continues defending.

“This nomination can be interpreted in only one way: it is a thumb in the eye of our nation’s law enforcement officers,” the letter continues. “It demonstrates a total lack of regard or empathy for those who strive to keep you and everyone else in our nation safe in your homes and neighborhoods—sometimes giving their lives in the effort.” Adegbile will certainly exacerbate the growing division and distrust between law enforcement and minority communities, the FOP claims. The group ends by telling the commander-in-chief of its hope that candidates with records of “fairness and respect to all Americans” are considered for future leadership positions in the administration.

Don’t hold your breath. It’s really not all that surprising to see a radical candidate like Adegbile nominated for this particular job. Remember the last guy (now Labor Secretary Thomas Perez) Obama picked to head the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division? He is a renowned La Raza advocate who led the DOJ’s attack on Arizona’s illegal immigration enforcement law and state Voter ID measures nationwide. Perez was also heavily embroiled in a scandal involving the DOJ’s abrupt decision to abandon its own voter intimidation lawsuit against the New Black Panther Party for Self Defense. Judicial Watch uncovered documents that show Perez lied under oath to a commission investigating the Black Panther debacle.








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  • Lbgeorge

    I suggest that all officers and interested persons that want to know who is behind the efforts to free Jamal should take the time and go to CSpan2 book reviews and type in Imagine which is a book Jamal co authored. The video was filmed by the Socialist Party of the USA and they spoke to Jamal on the phone from prison when he called into their book review, It was very interesting to learn that they pledged to Jamal that it will only be a little longer before he gets his freedom. Makes me wonder if Obama plans on a pardon for this cop killer at the end of his term. Why else would he put Debo Adegbile in as a Civil Rights Top attorney? It’s quite sad this country has come to this kind of behavior. It’s sad that the Dems have gone so far left no one would recognize the party of Kennedy anymore.

  • amj99


  • Prospector69

    Well all in all, I would not hold his past against him. As an attorney, his job was to take care of his client to the best of his ability. not a matter of his personal feelings. Politicians and appointees forget that the end clients are the US people, the country, not to the Pres., nor to a party. What is important, will this man serve the people and the country well?

  • Press Watch


    I am not surprised – Obama wants to push the envelope to the limit

    Maybe the CrAzY conspiracy theories are correct !

    He is irritating everyone beyond belief !

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