Judicial Watch • IRS Colluded With Dem Rep. to Hound Conservative Group

IRS Colluded With Dem Rep. to Hound Conservative Group

IRS Colluded With Dem Rep. to Hound Conservative Group

APRIL 10, 2014

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) colluded with a Democratic congressman to harass a right-leaning voter integrity group during the tax agency’s illegal witch hunt of conservative nonprofits, according to explosive new emails made public this week by the House Oversight Committee.

The emails show that the IRS communicated with Congressman Elijah Cummings multiple times between 2012 and 2013 about a Houston-based voter fraud prevention group called True the Vote. The conservative organization was targeted by the IRS after applying for tax exempt status more than two years ago and the emails show that confidential taxpayer information was shared with Cummings and his staff. In 2012 the Maryland lawmaker joined a coalition of leftwing groups—including the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)—to shut down True the Vote.

As part of the intimidation effort Cummings fired off a seven-page letter on his official stationery to True the Vote’s president accusing the group of “illegal voter suppression.” The congressman also wrote that True the Vote was responsible for many illegitimate voter registration challenges and he demanded the group provide him with a list of all individual voter registration challenges by state, county and precinct submitted to governmental election entities. Cummings also ordered True the Vote to provide him with correspondence and determinations by elections officials relating to each of the group’s challenges.

The documents released by the House committee responsible for holding government accountable show that the IRS and Cummings collaborated to deliver powerful punches in hopes of destroying True the Vote. Then-IRS Director Lois Lerner funneled Cummings information on the targeted conservative group, the House panel writes in a press release announcing its findings. It also reveals that Cummings, the committee’s ranking Democrat, previously denied his staff contacted the IRS about True the Vote. Imagine that; a politician lying to cover up wrongdoing!

Is anyone really surprised about this illicit team effort between the feared tax agency and President Obama’s minions in Congress? Certainly not Judicial Watch. As part of its ongoing investigation into the IRS scandal, last May JW requested all records related to communication between the IRS and members of the U.S. House of Representatives or the U.S. Senate regarding the review process for organizations applying for tax exempt status. This is information that should not be shared between the tax agency and legislators.

Last fall JW obtained government records that show the IRS illegally colluded with another government agency—the Federal Election Commission (FEC)—to crack down on conservative nonprofits during the 2012 election cycle. The files show that Lerner, at the time IRS Director of Exempt Organizations, provided FEC enforcement attorneys with detailed, confidential information concerning tax exempt application status and returns of conservative groups in violation of federal law.

There appears to be no end to the madness! Just last month, the House Oversight Committee published a scorching report that confirms what JW has helped uncover in the course of an ongoing probe into the IRS scandal. It blasts Lerner for mishandling taxpayer information (and lying to Congress about it), subjecting conservative applicants for tax-exempt status to heightened scrutiny and obstructing the committee’s investigation. Congressman Cummings has suggested that investigating this gargantuan scandal is tantamount to McCarthyism, a term coined when Senator Joe McCarthy waged a witch hunt against suspected communists in the 1950s. Don’t be surprised if Cummings eventually plays the race card.








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  • Snellville bob

    But McCarthy was right!

  • jimharvey

    Case closed..:)

  • Dixon

    It’s always good to know the actual facts before you fire off self-serving and ridiculing accusations. True the Vote and most, if not all, of the “conservatives organizations” who were targeted by the IRS applied for 501(c)(4) “civic” or “social welfare” status [not 501(3)(c) “non-profit” status]. Some applied for both, like George Soros’ Center for American Progress, who applied for and quickly received 501(3)(c) approval and also has a separate 501(c)(4) fund/money arm status. The difference is that the conservative organizations were targeted, delayed and denied while the liberal ones did not face the same treatment or scrutiny. Soros’ Center for American Progress is not organized or run any different from the Kock Brothers Americans for Prosperity. The real difference is in their political preferences. Soros is a liberal. The Kock’s are conservatives. Yet, in your mind, you managed to twist it so it was evil if conservatives did it while completely disregarding the fact that liberals are doing the exact same thing. While you are entitled to your opinion, you are not entitled to created distorted “alternate universe” versions of the facts. Reality is that some person or persons turned the IRS from a neutral and “non-political” tax agency into an agency who targeted and attempted to stifle Obama’s political opponents. What occurred was not only improper but in some cases was illegal. Ultimately, what occurred will come to daylight. If Lois Lerner did not have anything to hide, why did she “take” the Fifth Amendment?

  • steve h.

    Most of the conservative organizations who filed for 501c3 status, are not a Non-Profit Org. These are being used by the (TP) republicans to raise all kinds of funding for their own candidates to defeat the democrats at any cost, Namely CITIZENS UNITED, Carl Rowe, Chief Clown and bottle washer. The IRS director that was fired was appointed by Bush, Not Obama. The investigation is still on going. Rep. Darrell Issa is going to get to the bottom of it yet??? Conservative republicans investigating conservative republicans. Now how will that turn out. Just the Chris Christie scandal in NJ??? No answers until after the November Elections, per John Boehner, Speaker of the House. Who by the way is on another 17 days vacation from congress. No wonder we can’t get anything done!!!***

  • Ultracon

    Smackdown time.

  • maridag

    This would mean the elections were compromised. this must be prosecuted and taken to its logical conclusion. impeach Obama and anyone who impedes that process should be held in contempt.

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