Judicial Watch • Clinton Judge Rules Voter ID Law Discriminates Against Poor, Minorities

Clinton Judge Rules Voter ID Law Discriminates Against Poor, Minorities

Clinton Judge Rules Voter ID Law Discriminates Against Poor, Minorities

MAY 05, 2014

In a ruling that will likely have a national impact on future elections a Clinton-appointed federal judge has struck down Wisconsin’s photo identification law because he believes it discriminates against poor and minority voters.

How exactly? Under the law minorities “must pay the cost, in the form of time or bother or out-of-pocket expense, to obtain what is essentially a license to vote,” according to the Judge, Lynn Adelman, who was a Democratic state senator in Wisconsin before getting his lifetime judgeship. The measure also violates the federal Voting Rights Act because its effects impact Latinos and African-Americans harder than whites, the judge writes in his decision.

Ironically, to enter a federal courthouse in the United States—Judge Adelman’s place of employment—a photo ID must be presented, whether you are white, Asian, African-American, Hispanic or any other race. This is done for security reasons just as voter identification laws are passed to prevent election fraud, which is rampant in many states. Judicial Watch has already exposed this through its Election Integrity Project, an ongoing legal campaign to force states to clean up voter registration rolls. JW’s investigations have revealed that a number of states have more individuals on voter registration lists than individuals eligible to vote, including dead people.

Wisconsin’s law passed in 2011 and has faced a multitude of legal challenges from a consortium of leftist groups, including the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). In 2012 a state judge issued an injunction banning implementation of the measure during the 2012 presidential election, but an appellate court reversed the order in 2013, ruling that the law is constitutional and therefore can be used as a tool to eliminate election fraud.

In its unanimous ruling, Wisconsin’s 4th Circuit appellate court said that the groups challenging the measure fail to make an effective argument that requiring an official photo identification at the polls is “so difficult and inconvenient” that it amounts to a “denial of the right to vote.” Therefore, the court writes, the challenge failed to demonstrate how the voter ID law violates the Constitution.

The federal ruling, issued a few days ago, says exactly the opposite. Judge Adelman writes that Wisconsin’s law violates Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act, which prohibits voting practices or procedures that discriminate on the basis of race, color or membership in one of the language minority groups. The judge asserts that Wisconsin’s measure makes it harder for low-income and minority voters to cast ballots since they are less likely to have photo IDs or even the documents required to obtain them. This violates the U.S. Constitution’s guarantee of equal protection, according to Judge Adelman.

As if the ruling weren’t bad enough, Wisconsin taxpayers will be forced to dole out more than $1 million to pay the legal fees and court costs of the leftist groups that sued to kill the voter ID law. The ACLU will be at the front of the line, but several other groups are also likely to get checks. They include the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), the Milwaukee Area Labor Council and the Advancement Project. Other states across the nation have also paid hefty sums to defend their voter ID laws in court.

Dozens of states have laws requiring voters to show some type of identification and the U.S. Supreme Court has already ruled on the issue. In 2008 the high court upheld Indiana’s Voter ID law, ruling that the state’s interest in protecting the integrity of the voting process outweighed the insufficiently proven burdens the law may impose on voters.  “There is no question about the legitimacy or importance of the State’s interest in counting only the votes of eligible voters,” the nation’s highest court said in its decision.

Even the famously liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled in favor of voter ID laws. In a decision involving Arizona’s measure, the federal appellate court found that the “photo identification requirement is not an invidious restriction” and does not violate the 14th Amendment’s equal protection clause. A renowned Latino rights group claimed the law, approved by voters in 2004 to stop illegal immigrants from voting, discriminates against Hispanics because it creates a barrier for minorities that’s tantamount to a poll tax.




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  • Bisinger

    It’s not a requirement to speak English to be a US citizen. The United States is unique in that we have no national language. It is true that the majority of US citizens speak english, but this is in now way a requirement.

  • moeys2720

    I don’t understand WHAT the big flap is over having a voter ID card! We need a DL to drive; you need ID to buy a gun; you need to show ID when you go to the doctor/clinic office; you need ID to buy a FISHING LICENSE; There are many things for which you need an ID – something as important as voting everyone definitely needs an ID card and it is not an inconvenience for anyone – except those for which various sections of the political arena want to make sure can double/triple vote. IMHO

  • Katherine

    I don’t understand why, if the Supreme Court already ruled that voter ID laws are legal, Wisconsin’s law is being struck down.

  • CopperDollar

    You have to have a photo ID to get into the White House…….the NAACP just had an event and participants were required to present their photo ID at the door……………..hypocrites………..liars………..crooks……….criminals………..corruption………….democraps.

  • Lt_Scrounge

    “If it’s a requirement that US citizens speak English why are election materials produced in foreign languages?”

    Thank you for pointing that out. I’ve been asking that same question for years. There is absolutely NO reason for ballots to be printed in ANY language other than English, nor should anyone who needs an interpreter be allowed to vote. There was at least one busload of Somali refugees who were being told to vote Democrat by their interpreter while being taken to the polls for the 2012 elections. Why were Somali refugees, who obviously were NOT eligible to be US citizens due to a lack of English language skills, being allowed to vote?

    For those who don’t know what Guerrero is talking about, passing an English Proficiency exam is a requirement to become a naturalized citizen. It contains a written component and an oral interview. Fail to pass either and you’re ineligible to become a citizen until you do. So naturalized citizens often speak English better than many Americans who were born here. Since all American children are required to attend school and attain at least some level of proficiency in the English language before reaching the age of majority, it is fairly reasonable to expect US citizens born here to be able to read and write English. While some people will argue that there is high illiteracy rate in the US, I just have to ask if they REALLY believe that people who can’t even read the names of who they are voting for, or where they stand on the issues should be casting a ballot in the first place?

  • GT Buzz

    The loss to the last election was voter ignorance. Only stupid people who live off the gov voted for O.

  • GT Buzz

    But they have to have an id to get food stamps etc. what a joke.

  • RS

    Such nonsense. I guarantee 99.99% of these supposed poor and immigrant voters already have ID. They seem to have no problem cashing tax refund checks, filing for food assistance, getting utilities turned on, buying beer and cigarettes, renting an apartment, all require ID. Just another way to enable the dead and the multi-voters to keep electing progressives.

  • http://buddyseoservice.com/ E N Brown

    I am not a Republican. But IF I were, my comments would be the same. ;) You have to THINK before you vote.

  • Hope is not a battle plan

    Your alias can’t fool me Mr. Gore.

  • us0r

    Perhaps the loss is cause Romney was a bad choice?

  • Nick099

    So it is discrimination if one has to bear the cost of one’s own identification???
    How about the hundreds of dollars that someone must put out to get a permit to carry a firearm??? Isn’t that a right guaranteed under the Constitution??? Is that expense, by this Judge’s logic, discriminatory against minorities and the poor??? The wealthy can afford to pay for a permit, but the poor cannot.
    Perhaps pistols permits should be taxpayer funded as well…eh Mr. Democrat slug????

    BTW: Just went to UPS to send a package from one state to another. I could not do it without proper ID.

  • TheFallofAmerica

    When you elect a Third World POS Like Barack HUSSEIN Obama as President , You really shouldn’t be surprised that we wound up with a Third World POS Government.

  • Liberos

    What a effin debacle leftists have made out of US rule and law! Now we have activist judges turning the courts into a frickin joke! We’re spiraling down to the corrupt 3rd world shitehole.

  • Delysid

    Why not just have everyone dip their thumb in ink like we made the Iraqis do after they voted? Or would it be racist to have someone ruin their manicure?

  • Delysid

    As soon as the majority of the democratic party takes responsibility for their own dysfunction, maybe then it will change.
    At least he is not crying over injustices that happened generations ago, which have nothing to do with the present.

  • Guerrero_viejo

    First off! Romney lost because 4 million conservatives stayed home much like McLame before him. The Soros machine will produce just enough votes to win.
    Like Uncle Joe said “It’s not who votes it’s who counts the votes”. Now for the conundrum:
    “If it’s a requirement that US citizens speak English why are election materials produced in foreign languages?”
    Do you get the depth of voter corruption yet?

  • Atlasshruggedmyass

    The answer to every Republican loss is voter fraud. Grow up, take responsibility for your
    Own bad campaigns or you will keep losing elections.

  • http://buddyseoservice.com/ E N Brown

    It has been stated that the last presidential election was won by voter fraud. I don’t see a problem with having to show a drivers license or other ID, to vote. IF someone is in the US illegally they have no right to vote anyway.

  • lillymckim

    This activist life time Judge Lynn Adelman is a prime example why it’s SO IMPORTANT to vote!

    If we lose our legal voting system we are lost as a free nation.

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