Judicial Watch • Liberal Dem Blasts Obama Amnesty: “Illegal Immigration Is Not a Victimless Crime”

Liberal Dem Blasts Obama Amnesty: “Illegal Immigration Is Not a Victimless Crime”

Liberal Dem Blasts Obama Amnesty: “Illegal Immigration Is Not a Victimless Crime”

SEPTEMBER 03, 2014

As President Obama considers executive amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants, a lifelong liberal Democrat who protested the Vietnam War and works in the entertainment industry sent the commander-in-chief a gut-wrenching letter recounting the tragic death of his 25-year-old son, killed in a traffic accident by an unlicensed illegal alien.

Since his son’s 2010 death Donald Rosenberg has embarked on a crusade—and launched a nonprofit—to tackle an epidemic of fatalities caused by unlicensed drivers nationwide. Upon researching statistics, the politically liberal Hollywood executive who lives in southern California, found that most fatal highway accidents involve illegal immigrants like in his son’s case. In fact, the year his son was killed, thousands of others also died in traffic accidents involving illegal aliens.

Drew Rosenberg was in law school a few hundred miles away in San Francisco, a renowned illegal immigrant sanctuary that offers pubic services and official government identification cards to the undocumented. He was riding his motorcycle home from class when Roberto Galo, in the U.S. illegally since 1999, made a left hand turn and hit Drew. In an effort to flee, Galo accelerated and drove over Drew’s body three times, according to official reports obtained by his dad.

Five months earlier, San Francisco police stopped Galo, a native of Honduras, for driving the wrong way on a one-way street and driving without a license. He got cited for the traffic violation, driving without a license and having no insurance. The city even impounded the illegal alien’s car, the same one that would later kill Drew. A friend, presumably in the U.S. legally, retrieved the car and Galo drove regularly until the day he struck Drew, according to news reports.

The illegal alien served only 43 days in jail and the Obama administration won’t deport him because driving without a license is a minor offense and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) told Rosenberg that constituted one crime of moral turpitude. “I guess that does sound better than ‘he only killed one person,’” Rosenberg tells the president in his letter. Over 7,200 people are killed every year by unlicensed drivers, second only to drunk drivers, the grieving father tells the commander-in-chief in his letter.

The senior Rosenberg is challenging Obama to visit his son’s grave before taking executive action to halt deporting millions of illegal immigrants. “My son and all of the others are considered collateral damage in the quest for votes and campaign contributions,” he wrote. “Illegal immigration is not a victimless crime.” Rosenberg lists a number of grueling examples of innocent people, including a pregnant woman, killed by illegal immigrants around the nation in traffic accidents.

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  • http://orwell.ru/library/novels/Animal_Farm/english/efp_go Danvil

    Add to the traffic murders, the rapes by pedophiles, other rapists, assaults and vicious murders and also the fact that all of the 9/11 terrorists were illegal aliens that had ID that allowed them to board planes and murder over 3,0000 Americans and you begin to get a feel for a toll that exceeds over 10,000 innocent America victims monthly. I only hope that Obama’s family is the next one to feel the scourge of illegal aliens. How would Barry and Manchelle feel, if one of the precious little princesses were killed or horribly mutilated by a drunk driving illegal alien or a rapist murderer. Barry will never visit any American victim’s grave, because he’s happy that real Americans die. Look at the big clownish grin on his face, after an American had his head cut off by ISIS. He was photographed laughing 10 minutes after giving a cold, meaningless speech on the death by beheading of James Foley by ISIS and Barry was on the golf course.

  • Grimm Tale

    How do we petition to create an addendum to whatever illegal immigration amnesty bill/law/bullcrap ends up coming our way?
    I would suggest there’s a clause in there that states: If you are here illegally, and then gain amnesty, you forfeit your voting privileges. NO VOTING PRIVILEGES …. FOR LIFE.
    If that was in any immigration amnesty bill, I wonder how many of these turncoat politicians would be gung-ho to press the issue?

  • MMinCC

    I’m sos sorry for the loss of your son but…
    Hurts when policies you’ve supported all your life bite you in the as doesn’t it pal?

  • skhpcola

    I empathize with Rosenberg, but he’s to blame for this. A person can’t be a Democrat, advocate for leftist policies, and then kvetch about the inevitable results of those policies. Democrats and their constituents got what they deserved—they won–but now they feel regret. Too bad, you leftist trash. Elections have consequences and you voted for evil.

  • Laurel

    It isn’t just traffic accidents. What about all of the other crimes committed?