Judicial Watch • Border Patrol Survey 05

Border Patrol Survey 05

Border Patrol Survey 05

Page 1: Border Patrol Survey 05


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Date Created:June 25, 2005

Date Uploaded to the Library:February 20, 2014

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  • Eleanor

    Come across the border and face the consequences. You are a criminal the minute you step foot on USA soil., doing so illegally. Why should we be responsible for all the care of minors? They belong with their parents back South, Sooner rather than later. See one and send him/her back where they belong. We have enough citizens needing the help given to them

  • gatortom

    As our military returns the middle east, assign them to our borders to assist the border patrol giving orders to shoot using live rounds. No if and or buts as that will close our borders. Then all we need to do is deport every last illegal and their families, children included.

  • 83footsailor

    Eliminate the problem – just close the borders – the full length of the US of A in the SOUTH.

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