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Top Stories

Judicial Watch: Recent President Trump Flights Cost $3,199,188.30 – Judicial Watch announced that it obtained travel records from the U.S. Department of the Air Force in response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for President Donald Trump and his family. The total for President Trump’s travels in this production is $3,199,188.30…Read More

Judicial Watch: New Documents Reveal More Instances of Classified Information on Hillary Clinton’s Unsecure, Non-‘State.gov’ System – Judicial Watch released 78 pages of new documents from the U.S. Department of State containing emails of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sent and received over her unsecure, non-“state.gov” email…Read More

Illegal Aliens Quietly Being Relocated Throughout U.S. on Commercial Flights – Immigrants entering the United States illegally through the southern border are quietly being relocated to different parts of the country on commercial flights, high-ranking Homeland Security officials told Judicial Watch this week.  In the last few days alone, groups of…Read More

VA Facility Where Vet Got Prosecuted for Posting U.S. Flags Duped out of Millions by Bribed Official – An official at the same Los Angeles Veterans Administration facility where an Army vet got prosecuted for posting American Flags took hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes from a vendor that defrauded the VA out of millions. While the feds went…Read More

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Must Read

New Clinton Emails Uncovered – “The State Department turned over the new emails to Judicial Watch as part of the group’s Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, which is on an accelerated schedule of production ordered by U.S. District Court Judge James Boasberg. Boasberg ordered the State Department to complete processing of the remaining 72,000 pages recovered by the FBI in its investigation into Clinton’s private email server by Sept. 28, 2018.”…Read More

Ending FOIA Slow-walk – “Until the court intervened, the State Department had been slow-walking the release of the documents at a rate that would have required Judicial Watch and the public to wait until at least 2020 to view all the Clinton material that is supposed to be publicly obtainable under FOIA law, Fitton said.”…Read More

FOIA Surge – “Tom Fitton, the president of Judicial Watch, hailed Tillerson’s FOIA surge when it was unveiled last year. But his group has continued to apply legal pressure on State to release the Clinton emails faster, despite skepticism in other quarters about how many previously unseen emails remain eligible for release.”…Read More

Must Watch

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Tom Fitton on Haiti, Clinton Foundation Allegations – Watch Now 

On Watch: The Fusion GPS Testimony & U.S. Govt. Funding of Pro-Soros Media – Watch Now


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