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Judicial Watch • 5 More Ways You Can Fight Corruption

5 More Ways You Can Fight Corruption

5 More Ways You Can Fight Corruption

FEBRUARY 28, 2012

1. Use our Internet site ( to learn more about all of our anti-corruption investigations and lawsuits, especially those involving the Obama administration. Share what you learn and educate your local community by writing a letter to the editor of your local newspaper that focuses on the need for better government transparency, stronger ethics in Congress, and respect for the rule of law.

2. Contact your elected representative in Congress and ask them to support strong ethics, accountability and transparency for both the Obama administration and for members of Congress. Specifically, tell your representatives in Congress to conduct proper oversight of the Obama “czar” appointments and to conduct a full investigation into the ACORN scandal. You can contact Congress on the Internet through

3. Call (1-202-456-1414) or write the White House to urge the president to instruct all federal agencies to comply with Judicial Watch’s lawful FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) document requests. Investigate public corruption and advocate for transparency directly through your own open records requests. Use our Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Handbook and other resources ( to learn how you can ask your local, state or federal government for information about their activities.

4. Call, write or visit your local (town, city or county) police department to ask that they not provide illegal “sanctuary” to illegal aliens residing in your area.

5. Contact Congress and the White House (see above) to demand better oversight and disclosure over the use tax monies being used to bail out various interests through the TARP and other trillion dollar bailout programs. Learn more about the issues related to these scandalous bailouts here —

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