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Maryland Senator Indicted

Maryland Senator Indicted

Judicial Watch

Former Maryland state senator, Thomas Bromwell, was once one of the most powerful figures in Annapolis. He was first elected to the senate in 1983 and rose to the powerful position of Finance Committee chairman.

His career has taken quite a dive. This week he was indicted on federal corruption and fraud charges for wielding his influence to benefit a prominent builder in exchange for concealed payments and other favors.

The grand jury indictment includes 30 counts of racketeering and alleges a six-year conspiracy that also includes Bromwell’s wife, Mary Pat. It is said to be one of the most wide-ranging public corruption cases in Maryland in years and features bribery, extortion and compromised ethics.

The 56-year-old Bromwell, a Baltimore Democrat, is accused of using his power to pressure and influence people inside and outside government in ways that benefited the construction company of Poole and Kent.

For instance, Bromwell helped Poole and Kent win a $9.7 million contract on a hotel after the contract had been awarded to another firm which had submitted a lower bid. He also pressured high-ranking officials at the University of Maryland Medical System to give Poole and Kent a $13 million subcontract on a hospital construction project in Baltimore although another company had submitted a lower bid.

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