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Judicial Watch • Incompetent Election Supervisor Fined

Incompetent Election Supervisor Fined

Incompetent Election Supervisor Fined

NOVEMBER 21, 2005

When Florida Governor Jeb Bush suspended Broward County’s infamous Supervisor of Elections for incompetence and mismanagement last year, black leaders and other so-called civil rights groups immediately denounced the move as racist.

Never mind that there was overwhelming testimony and documentation of Miriam Oliphant’s severe mismanagement from high-ranking elections department officials of all races. In fact, a lot of that testimony was obtained in Judicial Watch’s recount (and subsequent investigation of Oliphant) of the botched 2002 Florida primaries in which Oliphant lost hundreds of absentee ballots that were later found in a filing cabinet.

Now the Florida Elections Commission is fining Oliphant $10,000 for willfully neglecting her duties and causing dozens of polls to open late and close early during the 2002 gubernatorial primaries (Lakeland Ledger article)

So far, no accusations of “racism” against the commission or any other words of defense from any of Oliphant’s supporters. Perhaps it is because one Florida blog, the Florida Masochist put it best in saying that Oliphant got what she deserved.

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