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Judicial Watch • Christmas Makes a Comeback

Christmas Makes a Comeback

Christmas Makes a Comeback

Judicial Watch

The liberal campaign to replace the phrase Merry Christmas for the “politically correct” Happy Holidays is failing. Retailers, public school districts and even politicians have caved into the pressure and it has backfired royally, especially for big-chain stores such as Target, Macy’s, Sears and Lowe’s.

Groups such as the Mississippi-based American Family Association and Save Merry Christmas have led effective boycotts against the retailers that have motivated them to bring back banners and ads that say Merry Christmas. The most recent campaign was against the home-improvement chain Lowe’s for labeling those green, furry things Holiday Trees. Lowe’s apologized for the confusion and immediately created a new sign that appropriately read: Christmas Trees. Conservative news blogs such as MichNews applauded the quick response and encouraged Merry Christmas lovers to support Lowe’s.

Many in the left-leaning mainstream media have also supported the continued use of Merry Christmas. Columnist Joyce Godwin writes in today’s Texas Herald Democrat that she is not afraid to say Christmas and also points out that, ironically, the word holidays refers to holy days.

The headline of an opinion piece in the South Jersey Courier Post reads “Forget political correctness: Celebrate Christmas.

With that said, we at Judicial Watch wish all a very Merry Christmas.

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