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Judicial Watch • Hollywood Elite Rally For a Murderer

Hollywood Elite Rally For a Murderer

Hollywood Elite Rally For a Murderer

Judicial Watch

It’s not surprising to see that actor Danny Glover (and his Hollywood buddies) is once again rallying for a violent thug?this time a quadruple murderer on California’s death row?since that seems to be his Modus Operandi.

A few years ago Judicial Watch called for a boycott of telecommunications giant MCI after Glover, its highly paid spokesman, signed an offensive document supporting Fidel Castro shortly after the Cuban dictator executed three innocent freedom seekers and sentenced 75 intellectual dissidents to lengthy prison terms.

This week Glover is leading a rally on behalf of Tookie Williams, the founder of a violent California gang who was convicted of four gory killings in 1979 and is scheduled to be executed by lethal injection on December 13. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has granted Williams a clemency hearing on December 8, so Glover and his Hollywood pals are now on a mission to impede the pending execution. They believe Williams has reformed into a compassionate human being because he has written a few children’s books in prison and has delivered speeches encouraging young gang bangers to stay out of trouble.

Glover even told the international news service, AFP, that “blaming Tookie for the Crips (the violent gang he founded decades ago) is like blaming all white people for slavery.”

Of course, the Hollywood clan?which includes former gang banger turned rapper Snoop Dogg and lefty activist Ed Asner?has failed to mention the gory murders of a teenaged store clerk and an entire family that landed Tookie on death row. Flaps Blog addresses this issue and orders Glover to stick to acting and investing in his Planet Hollywood restaurants.

Here is something for the thug-defending entertainers to think about between auditions; Williams’ appeals have been denied by the California Supreme Court, and the most liberal appeals court in the nation, the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

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