Judicial Watch • Hillary Clinton’s Vindictive Streak Alive And Kicking

Hillary Clinton’s Vindictive Streak Alive And Kicking

Hillary Clinton’s Vindictive Streak Alive And Kicking

JANUARY 11, 2006

For Hillary Clinton, repeatedly denying her many wrongdoings (and those of her husband) is the norm and rarely do her pals in the media challenge her version of the facts. This week, however, several publications are questioning her continued denial of placing a hold on President George W. Bush’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia.

The hold means that Kavanaugh’s nomination will have to be resubmitted and that is a tedious procedure that will futher delay his consideration. Why would the former First Lady do such a thing? Retaliation for Kavanaugh’s role in the Ken Starr investigation of her beloved husband. Kavanaugh, a highly regarded attorney and Yale Law School graduate, was on the staff of the independent counsel’s investigation that led to the impeachment of Bill Clinton.

One editorial says that using a senate hold on a nomination due to a personal grudge is no way for a senator to behave and suggests that if Hillary has legitimate grievances against Kavanaugh, she should state them so there can be a full debate about any allegations.

The Hedgehog sarcastically writes that he is glad to see the Clintons are continuing their high-minded approach to the business of the country.

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