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Judicial Watch • Hillary’s Law Firm, Senate Democrats Keep Barrett Report Bombshells Under Wraps

Hillary’s Law Firm, Senate Democrats Keep Barrett Report Bombshells Under Wraps

Hillary’s Law Firm, Senate Democrats Keep Barrett Report Bombshells Under Wraps

Judicial Watch

Independent Counsel David Barrett’s highly anticipated report related to his investigation of former Clinton cabinet member Henry Cisneros was finally released today. As is so often the case, what was included in the report is not nearly as interesting, or damning, as the content removed from it. Click here to view the final report.

Robert Novak writes about the Barrett report in today’s Chicago Sun-Times:

As long forecast, it alleges serious corruption in the Clinton administration’s Justice Department and Internal Revenue Service. The question is what was contained in 120 pages removed by the judges.

These allegations explain why Barrett finally has closed down after 10 years the last prosecution under the lapsed independent counsel statute. Its target, Henry Cisneros, long ago resigned as secretary of Housing and Urban Development in a plea bargain after admitting he lied to FBI interrogators to gain Senate confirmation. What kept Barrett in business was what he and his prosecutors contend is a Clinton administration cover-up of income tax evasion charges against Cisneros.

Not only Barrett’s stubbornness but also a tip from an IRS whistleblower in San Antonio, Texas, meant the case did not end with Cisneros’ personal disgrace. But for now, the cover-up has succeeded. No tax prosecution was brought against Cisneros, and IRS conduct has not been questioned. Friends describe Barrett, a Republican lawyer from Washington, as feeling at age 68 that he has failed fully to uncover the scandal and that it is up to Congress to get out the truth.

Novak continues on, saying that any member of Congress can read the Barrett reportjust by asking, and further, any lawmaker who believes American taxpayers should see the product of this $23 million in expenditures, could presumably publish the material without fear of legal sanction.

With this in mind, Judicial Watch is asking all of its supporters to call their members of Congress and demand that the redacted sections of the Barrett report be released to the public. The number for the Capitol Hill switchboard is 202-224-2131.

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