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Judicial Watch • Media Covers For Democrats In Abramoff Coverage

Media Covers For Democrats In Abramoff Coverage

Media Covers For Democrats In Abramoff Coverage

JANUARY 05, 2006

While the Jack Abramoff scandal is huge and clearly involves both political parties, media coverage would lead anyone to (erroneously) think that only Republicans had ties to the disgraced lobbyist who has pleaded guilty to conspiracy, tax evasion and mail fraud.

From an Associated Press story published nationwide, to a New York Times editorial questioning whether the Justice Department will aggressively pursue a case that could ensnare prominent Republicans, the coverage has been downright biased. The Free Market News Network points out that, while Abramoff has given lots of money to Republicans, he’s given a lot of money to Democrats too, but why would the media care about that silly little detail?

An interesting fact absent in the so-called mainstream coverage, was made public by the nonprofit Center for Responsive Politics, which revealed that Indian tribes Abramoff lobbied for contributed about $1.5 million to Democratic candidates since the 2000 election.

Debbie Schlussel writes in her blog that Michigan Democrat Senator Carl Levin took thousands from Abramoff’s firm and from his client, the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe. Perhaps the media will start reporting both sides of this big story.

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