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Judicial Watch • U.N. Human Rights A Joke

U.N. Human Rights A Joke

U.N. Human Rights A Joke

Judicial Watch

Just when it seems that the corrupt and scandal-infested United Nations cannot sink any lower, it creates a new Human Rights Council that features some of the world’s most atrocious violators, including governments and communist regimes that persecute religions and sanction the harvesting of human organs.

Cuba, China, Russia, Pakistan, Azerbaijan and Saudi Arabia have all been chosen to be in the 47-member council despite their well-documented history of human rights violations. Cuba, for instance, is the biggest human rights violator in the hemisphere and Fidel Castro runs one of the world’s few tyrannies that refuses its citizens the right to leave. Dissidents are tortured, imprisoned and beaten. Desperate Cubans regularly brave the shark-infested Florida straits seeking freedom in America.

The other countries are also bad. Azerbaijan is notorious for beating and torturing government dissidents and forbids freedom to assemble. Pakistan is known for extrajudicial and sectarian killings. In Saudi Arabia, officials can arbitrarily arrest and detain people and then hold them incommunicado and torture them. Despite these factors, these countries have been chosen to police the world on human rights issues.

Not surprisingly, the mainstream media coverage has downplayed the seriousness of these regime’s crimes. A story in the Los Angeles Times merely states several of the nations chosen for the new council have been criticized for their poor records. The New York Times writes that six nations with poor human rights records were among those selected to the new Human Rights Council.

Captain’s Quarters offers some opinion on the matter, writing that if the farcical selection of the guardians of human rights doesn’t make people laugh out loud at Turtle Bay, then its new push for moral investment will. Gateway Pundit calls the new U.N. Commission a big joke and Elephants in Academia compliments American U.N. Ambassador John Bolton for not seeking a seat on the new Human Rights Council because he has too much self respect to share the job of policing global human rights with Cuba.

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