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Judicial Watch • U.S. Amigo Threatens Lawsuit

U.S. Amigo Threatens Lawsuit

U.S. Amigo Threatens Lawsuit

Judicial Watch

Maybe President George W. Bush will change his mind about his good friend Vicente Fox now that the Mexican president has threatened to sue him in a United States federal court if the National Guard arrests any illegals crossing the border.

It’s not yet clear what the lawsuit would argue, but Fox immediately sent a cabinet member to publicly condemn the militarization of the border and threaten the U.S. with a lawsuit if the National Guard has any involvement with Mexicans crossing into the country.

Fox also insists on assurance from the U.S. Government that the National Guard will not, in any case, do the work of the Border Patrol. Incidentally, Guatemalan Vice President Eduardo Stein also joined the Mexican government in condemning the U.S. for guarding its borders, saying he deplores Washington’s attitude. This pairing of Fox and Stein may seem a bit ironic considering that Mexico vigorously guards its southern border to keep Central Americans – mainly Guatemalans – out of the country.

At least the Guatemalans didn’t go as far as our Mexican amigos, who are basically saying that somehow it is illegal to use our own forces to enforce our own laws in our country. It does get better. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which receives American taxpayer dollars, is preparing to assist the Mexican government in this case. In fact, the ACLU has already sent Mexico a statement relating to the immigration enforcement issue.

The California Conservative writes that the ACLU apparently forgot what the “A” stands for in its own organization. Mexico’s Machinations dismisses the legality of such a lawsuit and says it would be poetic justice for the United States to counter sue Mexico for the hundreds of billions of dollars it costs to enforce U.S. immigration laws.

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