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Judicial Watch • McKinney Cries Voter Fraud

McKinney Cries Voter Fraud

McKinney Cries Voter Fraud

JULY 20, 2006

Rather than acknowledge that her controversial past and outrageous illegal behavior has finally caught up to her, veteran Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney is blaming voter fraud for dismal support in her re-election campaign against a virtually unknown businessman.

Many of her leftwing buddies have joined the bandwagon with several publications claiming vast rightwing conspiracies against the state’s first black woman elected to Congress. One journal actually reported that it has been confirmed that McKinney votes were stolen by electronic voting machines and flipped over to her opponent. Marxist Thought Online wrote that many people called to say they pushed the button for Cynthia McKinney and her opponent, Hank Johnson, came up.

McKinney is used to cruising through elections but things have changed as she seeks her seventh term, in part, because her behavior has simply spiraled out of control. This is why Georgia voters sent her a message this week by giving her less than 50% of the votes and forcing her into a runoff next month.

McKinney is probably most famous for assaulting a Capitol Hill police officer this year simply because he requested identification as she entered the capitol. The outspoken congresswoman claimed the officer was a racist because he asked a black woman for identification and instead should have recognized her as a member of Congress.

She has also earned sound bites and newspaper coverage over the years by alleging preposterous U.S. Government conspiracies, among them that the Bush Administration had advanced knowledge of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Fed up with these shenanigans, not to mention embarrassing behavior for an elected official, voters in the Peach State voiced their opinion at the polls and McKinney can’t seem to accept it. As Swing State Project wrote, Cynthia is a black eye to Democrats, much like William Jefferson. Politik Ditto says it’s time to get rid of Cynthia McKinney.

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