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Judicial Watch • Hillary Sees No Evil, Hears No Evil

Hillary Sees No Evil, Hears No Evil

Hillary Sees No Evil, Hears No Evil

Judicial Watch

While Hillary Clinton stars in television sound bites during her ritzy Senate reelection tour throughout New York State, a well-known government whistleblower organization exposes her refusal to investigate a tragic event in her district involving military veterans.

A scathing piece authored by a former FBI agent and the founder of the nonpartisan National Security Whistleblowers Coalition says Clinton has a “See no evil, hear no evil” policy that extended to the point of failing to act on hard evidence that veterans were abused and killed at the Stratton Veterans Affairs Medical Center in her Albany, N.Y. district.

Two veterans named James DiGeorgio and Carl Steubing were killed at the hospital after being subjected to illegal drug experiments by unlicensed health workers. Two whistleblowers came forth with damaging evidence and eventually one person was convicted of manslaughter while those who supervised, facilitated and reaped the benefits of the lucrative and illegal drug testing got promotions and raises.

Between 2000 and June 2006, the Whistleblowers Coalition made numerous contacts with Clinton over the Stratton tragedy but they were repeatedly ignored, although coalition officers assure that Clinton had personal knowledge of the tragic murders and knew of the reliable evidence that had been furnished.
The Alliance for Human Research Protection had also provided documentation that patients’ records were falsified while they were exposed to hazardous experimental treatments. The national organization, which is dedicated to advancing responsible and ethical medical research practices, published a report detailing how research violations were a way of life at Stratton for a decade.
Yet the former First Lady, who loves to pose for photos with active military personnel and has many times said that our nation has a commitment to those who served their country, did nothing about this horrifying event in her backyard. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident of negligence on the senator’s part.
The Whistleblowers Coalition also provided Clinton with hard evidence of other serious government misconduct that she ignored. Among them was an Army Corp of Engineers senior official who exposed impropriety in government contracting with Halliburton and three whistleblowers who exposed serious defects and negligence in the Transportation Security Administration that puts travelers at risk.
Surely, Clinton is not mentioning any of the above during her glamorous reelection campaign tour throughout many of New York’s 62 cities.

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