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Judicial Watch • Abramoff Finally In Jail

Abramoff Finally In Jail

Abramoff Finally In Jail

Judicial Watch

Corrupt lobbyist Jack Abramoff reported to a minimum security federal prison in Maryland today to begin serving a six-year sentence for a conviction unrelated to his Washington fiasco but rather for a fraudulent deal to buy a fleet of casino ships in Florida.

The disgraced lobbyist is still awaiting sentencing for his other charges of using expensive gifts, hefty campaign donations and exotic trips to bribe and buy access to the most powerful lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

In the meantime, a federal judge in Miami ordered Abramoff to prison for his Florida conviction and, from now on, he will be best known as federal inmate No. 27593-112. Abramoff’s new home is a 334-bed facility located in a secluded portion of western Maryland not far from an industrial park along the Potomac River.

Like all other inmates at the facility, Abramoff will have to work doing food service and similar jobs that pay anywhere from 12 to 40 cents an hour. It will certainly be a far cry from the lavish lifestyle that Abramoff once led. He dined only at the most exclusive restaurants and frequented only the fanciest establishments while showering politicians with expensive gifts that included football tickets and exotic trips on chartered jets.

While the mainstream media immediately labeled him a “disgraced Republican lobbyist,” Abramoff also hobnobbed with many Democrats and lately he has been cooperating with federal prosecutors to bring a few big names down.

In fact, sources close to the ongoing Abramoff investigation told a major news network that the former lobbyist has provided information on his dealings with and campaign contributions and gifts to dozens of members of Congress and staff including six to eight seriously corrupt Democratic senators.

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