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Judicial Watch • Governor Bill Richardson Helps Fugitive Illegal Alien

Governor Bill Richardson Helps Fugitive Illegal Alien

Governor Bill Richardson Helps Fugitive Illegal Alien

Judicial Watch

The governor of a state that allows illegal immigrants to obtain drivers’ licenses and reduced instate college tuition has asked the president to stop the deportation of a Mexican fugitive who has repeatedly violated U.S. law.

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, an advocate of illegal immigrants, has actually requested that President George W. Bush help an illegal alien who had been previously deported yet reentered the United States illegally and obtained a fake Social Security to work at one of the nation’s largest airports.

To avoid her second deportation a few months ago, Elvira Arellano has been holed up in a Chicago church and she has publicly dared immigration officials to come and get her. In the meantime, her U.S.-born anchor baby, now 7 years old, has toured the country asking numerous lawmakers to make an exception in federal law so that his mother can remain in the country.

Never mind that Arellano violated federal law by entering the country without proper documentation and later obtaining a fake Social Security to work at O’Hare International Airport. When she got busted in 2002, she was deported to Mexico yet disregarded U.S. law and reentered the country illegally for a second time.

In August Homeland Security officials issued yet another deportation order and a defiant Arellano took refuge in a Humboldt Park Methodist church. Even the city’s major newspaper wrote an editorial condemning Arellano’s actions and calling on her to abide by U.S. law as many illegal immigrants must do when they get caught.

Diggers Realm encourages authorities to go in the church and drag Arellano out since she is no longer just an illegal alien, but rather a fugitive from justice. Allowing the situation to succeed will only produce a further flaunting of our laws by any who feel they are above them.

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