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Judicial Watch • U.S. Marine Killed By Illegal Immigrant

U.S. Marine Killed By Illegal Immigrant

U.S. Marine Killed By Illegal Immigrant

Judicial Watch

In one of the few states that still allows undocumented aliens to obtain driver’s licenses, a drunken illegal immigrant killed a United States Marine corporal and his companion by crashing his car into them.

After the 2001 terrorist attacks most of the nation’s state lawmakers created legislation to prohibit illegal immigrants from getting driver’s licenses or other identifications. Only a handful of states have failed to pass and enforce such a law and Maryland is one of them.

That is where an illegal alien from Mexico, driving with an alcohol level four times the legal limit, crashed into a car waiting at a stoplight. In the stopped car was 21-year-old Marine Corporal Brian Mathews and his date, 24-year-old Jennifer Bower. Both died while being transported to Maryland Shock Trauma Center. The Mexican man (Eduardo Morales-Soriano), who had previously been in trouble for driving drunk, was not hurt.

The fact that he had a valid driver’s license may seem outrageous to some, especially since several of the September 11 hijackers, who were in the country illegally, had valid driver’s licenses that greatly facilitated their terrorist mission. This is why the practice has been outlawed in most states.

But Maryland’s Attorney General concluded in 2003 that nothing in existing law specifically precludes illegal immigrants from getting licenses as long as they could produce other state documentation such as proof of identity and state residence. The issue came up because the state legislature passed a law requiring driver’s license applicants to provide Social Security numbers, although exceptions exist for those who don’t have them.

The lives of this Marine and his date must be added to the price we pay for not insisting that our government defend the country from invasion, according to one blog that says illegal aliens kill 13 Americans per day by indulging in the festive multicultural activity of driving drunk.

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