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Judicial Watch • Bribery Probe Stars Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons

Bribery Probe Stars Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons

Bribery Probe Stars Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons

Judicial Watch

Nevada’s new governor is being investigated for the gifts and cash he got from a company he helped get millions of dollars in federal contracts while serving in Congress and a powerful House committee.

As a member of the House Intelligence and Armed Services Committees, Republican Jim Gibbons wielded tremendous power and federal investigators believe he used it to award his friend’s software company lucrative contracts and, in turn, enrich himself and live the high life.

Authorities believe the owner of the Reno-based software company, Warren Trepp, showered the former five-term congressman with expensive gifts and cash in exchange for his help in obtaining lucrative contracts with several government agencies. Among them are the Air Force, Special Operations Command and the Central Intelligence Agency. Trepp also contributed about $100,00o to Gibbons’ gubernatorial campaign.

This isn’t the first time that the veteran politician makes headlines for his unethical behavior. Although he is an avid foe of illegal immigration, Gibbons’ longtime housekeeper and nanny is an illegal immigrant who said the former congressman often made her hide in the basement to conceal her illegal status. A few months ago, a Las Vegas cocktail waitress accused Gibbons of making inappropriate and unwanted sexual advances.

Neither incident had any consequences, but if in fact Gibbons took kickbacks in exchange for lucrative military contracts, he could end up in jail. Left Word writes that Nevada’s governor could be the next Duke Cunningham, referring to the California congressman serving an eight-year prison sentence for taking $2.4 million in bribes from defense contractors.

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