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Judicial Watch • Clintons Take Money From Criminals, Communists

Clintons Take Money From Criminals, Communists

Clintons Take Money From Criminals, Communists

Judicial Watch

Some of the $40 million that Bill Clinton has made in speaking fees since leaving the White House have come from Saudi and Chinese Communist companies as well as an Illinois business owned by a shady criminal who coincidentally is one of Hillary’s largest campaign donors.

The Illinois consulting company, International Profit Associates (IPA), is owned by a disbarred lawyer named John R. Burgess whose criminal accomplishments include hiring a 16-year-old prostitute and attempted larceny. Bill got a $125,000 speaking fee to address the company’s employees and Hillary has received nearly $150,000 in donations from IPA, making the company among her largest single sources of campaign contributions.

Hillary evidently put aside her otherwise strong feminist convictions to accept the hefty donation since much of IPA’s cash poured in during a period when the company was being federally investigated for sexual harassment. In fact, government officials called it the worst sexual harassment case they had ever seen because it involved more than 100 people and numerous women provided graphic details of harassment that had occurred over a decade.

The former First Lady has actually benefited tremendously from many of her husband’s lucrative speaking engagements since many of the companies have become some of her top donors. New York investment firm Goldman Sachs paid Bill $650,000 for four speeches and dished out an additional $270,000 for Hillary’s campaigns. Citigroup paid Bill $250,000 for a speech and ended up giving Hillary more than $320,000.

Criminal ties and Communist connections don’t discourage the Clintons from taking cash. At least two were being federally investigated when the former president took their six-figure payments. One Swiss biotechnology firm that gave Bill $150,000 for an engagement at a Bahamas resort paid a $704 million fine after admitting it bribed doctors to unnecessarily prescribe its AIDS drug. A Canadian company, founded by a Kenyan man convicted of stock fraud, paid Bill $650,000 for speeches and donated an undisclosed sum to his charity foundation.

No stranger to doing business with Communists, Bill made $200,000 from a Chinese Communist Party official who owns a real estate group. The former president also raked in many more millions of undisclosed dollars that went to his William J. Clinton Foundation. Because the money goes to a charity, the former president and his wife do not have to disclose the amount or source of the cash.

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