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Judicial Watch • Reporting Employers Of Illegal Immigrants

Reporting Employers Of Illegal Immigrants

Reporting Employers Of Illegal Immigrants

Judicial Watch

A software developer’s web site featuring thousands of companies that regularly employ illegal immigrants has become a national database that is often used by U.S. immigration officials to crack down on businesses that hire undocumented workers.

Appropriately called We Hire Aliens, the web site lists nearly 3,000 employers in 47 different states that are known to violate federal law by hiring illegal immigrants. In fact, a huge meatpacking company (Swift & Co.) appeared on the web site’s list for months before Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials finally raided it in December.

More than 1,300 illegal immigrants were arrested in the raids which covered meatpacking plants in six states – Colorado, Nebraska, Texas, Utah, Iowa and Minnesota–where the multi billion-dollar company operates.

Besides its informative database, the site offers a section where the public can report an employer and it encourages people to contact as well as boycott the businesses that hire illegal aliens. There is also a “Hall of Shame” with photos of employers caught in the act of hiring undocumented workers at day laborer sites throughout the country.

We Hire Aliens has become so popular that it receives an estimated 1 million hits a month and a major newspaper recently published an article about it. The San Diego California native who created the site two years ago, says he did it because illegal immigrants were destroying his hometown while the federal government looked the other way.

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