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Judicial Watch • Another Clinton Cover Up Exposed

Another Clinton Cover Up Exposed

Another Clinton Cover Up Exposed

Judicial Watch

Recently made available for public viewing, Hillary Clinton’s controversial college thesis was for years ordered sealed by the Clinton White House to keep her Marxist and socialist views from becoming public.

The 92-page document paints a favorable picture of the radical leftwing community organizer Saul Alinsky, who Hillary refers to as having a “compelling personality” and “exceptional charm.” The New York senator was a senior at Wellesley, a prestigious women’s liberal arts college in Boston, when she authored the piece in 1969.

Evidently, the Clintons didn’t want the document to go public so they bullied the school’s board into passing a special rule that made the thesis of every Wellesley alumna available in the college archives for everyone to read, except for those written by either a “president or First Lady of the United Sates.”

The Wellesley professor who served as Hillary’s advisor received the initial phone call from the White House in early 1993 ordering the First Lady’s thesis sealed. He believes it was a stupid political decision but was ordered to assure that the thesis was kept from the public. The woman who at the time was Wellesley’s president and who passed the special rule for the Clintons conveniently claims to have “no memory” of it.

The scandal here isn’t necessarily Hillary’s political opinion as a 21-year-old, but rather the bullying tactics that the Clintons have repeatedly applied to silence their foes. Captain’s Quarter writes that extorting Wellesley into hiding Hillary’s thesis makes one wonder what else the Clintons managed to bury during their two terms in the White House.

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