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Judicial Watch • Clinton Pakistani Donor Vanishes After Indictment

Clinton Pakistani Donor Vanishes After Indictment

Clinton Pakistani Donor Vanishes After Indictment

Judicial Watch

A wealthy Pakistani businessman who funneled thousands of dollars in illegal campaign contributions to Hillary Clinton and California Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer is a fugitive that appears on the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s most wanted list.

A resident of Southern California, Abdul Rehman Jinnah fled the country after federal prosecutors charged him for masterminding a plot to donate more than $50,000 in illegal donations to the senators’ campaign committees.

Jinnah owned several U.S. businesses – selling cellular phones and frozen yogurt among them – and he solicited employees, family members and business associates to donate money to the Clinton and Boxer campaigners to avoid contribution limits. He later reimbursed the so-called straw donors. Jinnah is also a well-known corporate executive in his native Pakistan and U.S. authorities believe that is where he fled to.

In America he was closely allied with Democrats and he and his family donated more than $100,000 to the party as well as various candidates. He also hosted fundraisers for Clinton and Boxer and organized a center that helped form a powerful Pakistani Caucus in the United States Congress to advance that country’s concerns.

When prosecutors charged him with illegal campaign contributions and conspiracy, Jinnah vanished. Besides Southern California, the FBI says he has connections in Karachi, Pakistan as well as London and the United Arab Emirates. Not surprisingly, Clinton and Boxer both claim they had no idea their lucrative donor was breaking the law. One web site posts a picture of Clinton and Jinnah standing side by side, in case the New York Senator has another in a long series of memory losses.

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