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Judicial Watch • IRS Caters To Illegal Immigrants

IRS Caters To Illegal Immigrants

IRS Caters To Illegal Immigrants

Judicial Watch

Illustrating a schizophrenic relationship between two major government agencies, a record number of illegal immigrants will file taxes with the Internal Revenue Service before next week’s deadline as they avoid a Homeland Security Department that supposedly strives to deport them.

The bizarre contradiction among two federal agencies sends mixed messages about the U.S. Government’s seriousness in enforcing its own laws, with one agency threatening to crack down on illegal aliens and the other actually accommodating the same violators.

About a decade ago the IRS created a special Individual Tax Identification Number (TIN) for “foreigners” who don’t qualify for a Social Security number but want to file taxes. The agency has so far issued 10.7 million TINs, including 1.5 million last year alone. Many illegal immigrants also use the numbers to apply for credit, open bank accounts and even buy houses.

The IRS knows well that millions of illegal immigrants use TINs to file taxes annually. In fact, a few years ago the tax agency discovered 7.9 million W-2 forms with names that didn’t match a Social Security number. Not surprisingly, the majority of the forms were filed in states with large illegal immigrant populations such as Texas, California and Florida.

This year tax preparers in several Border States are reporting a huge surge in the number of illegal aliens requiring tax filing services. One Phoenix Arizona company that caters to Hispanics is making a killing. The owner says that the majority of his 10,000 customers filing taxes are illegal immigrants without Social Security numbers.

In Atlanta one tax preparer has seen an equally large increase in illegal immigrants filing taxes to document residency and good morale character in case U.S. lawmakers approve an amnesty bill. In Los Angeles a once-struggling tiny tax preparation office in the inner city is now booming with illegal immigrants racing to beat next week’s filing deadline.

Illegal aliens across the country are openly speaking to the media about their newfound tax filings. Diggers Realm writes that illegal immigrants have learned that, since the IRS doesn’t cooperate with law enforcement and the Department of Homeland Security, they have little to fear.

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