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Judicial Watch • Detroit To Be Illegal Immigrant Sanctuary

Detroit To Be Illegal Immigrant Sanctuary

Detroit To Be Illegal Immigrant Sanctuary

Judicial Watch

Yet another U.S. city is in the process of becoming an official illegal immigrant sanctuary in which police and public employees are prohibited from inquiring about immigration status.

The Detroit City Council could decide today if it will in fact pass a proposed ordinance that will add the Motor City to a rapidly growing list of so-called safe havens for illegal aliens.

The council’s president, Kenneth Cocktrel, developed and introduced the law after Hispanic and Muslim groups informed him that they were being racially profiled based on their appearance, dress and race.

Cocktrel said he is confident the ordinance will pass because police have no reason to request immigration papers when they pull someone over since it is the “responsibility of federal law enforcement to enforce immigration law.”

Detroit would join about 30 other American cities – San Diego, Portland, Seattle, Baltimore, Austin and San Francisco among them–in passing legislation to officially protect illegal immigrants. Additionally, various police departments throughout the country have their own don’t-ask-don’t-tell policies regarding illegal aliens.

Judicial Watch has taken legal action against several of the local law enforcement departments – Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington DC – for these official policies that clearly violate federal law.

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