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Judicial Watch • Illegal Immigrants To March On May Day

Illegal Immigrants To March On May Day

Illegal Immigrants To March On May Day

Judicial Watch

Advocates of illegal immigrants have organized massive demonstration across the nation today to demand a path to citizenship for the estimated 12 million people living in the United States illegally.

The disruptive marches, specifically planned to send a message on May Day, will be held on the streets of major cities from California to New York and practically every state in between. The idea is to disrupt traffic and local businesses and push lawmakers to pass a legislation granting amnesty to the millions who have violated federal law by entering and living in the country illegally.

In Miami Florida Democratic Party Chair Howard Dean will lead a large rally of immigrants and their supporters and in Los Angeles two large demonstrations will demand legalization for illegal aliens, an end to raids and an economic boycott. Authorities in the county, which has an estimated 1 million illegal immigrants, expect about 500,000 marchers to close down streets as they did last year.

Although many local organizations have helped promote the marches, they have mainly been organized by an umbrella group called National Mobilization to Support Immigrant Workers, whose motto reads: “We are humans. No one is illegal.”

The group says it is calling for a new immigrant and civil rights movement with a national day of multi-ethnic unity. Marchers are directed to wear white shirts and flyers, printed in English and Spanish, demand an end to racist anti-immigrant bills and the militarization of the border. Incidentally, the bilingual flyers say yes to legalization and multi ethnic unity.

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