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Judicial Watch • Hillary Capitalizes On Violence She Once Denounced

Hillary Capitalizes On Violence She Once Denounced

Hillary Capitalizes On Violence She Once Denounced

Judicial Watch

The same U.S. Senator who attacked violent video games as a “silent epidemic” and demanded a federal investigation into a popular game, is capitalizing on a murderous sociopath mob boss to promote her presidential campaign.

Indeed, New York Senator Hillary Clinton starred in a spoof of the final episode of a cable show notorious for its graphic violence and profanity to announce her official 2008 presidential campaign song–a track called “You and I” by a Canadian pop star.

With husband Bill portrayed as a submissive supporting character, the former First Lady played the role of the show’s star, a vicious New Jersey mob boss named Tony Soprano. The scene was a parody of the controversial program’s final scene and Hillary has earned worldwide media coverage for starring in it.

Ironically, Hillary was once so offended by the violence in video games that she ordered the Federal Trade Commission to investigate the manufacture of a top seller called Grand Theft Auto. She also sponsored legislation to help censor what she called the violent, pornographic content of some games.

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