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Judicial Watch • Mexican Forgery Rings Big Amnesty Plans

Mexican Forgery Rings Big Amnesty Plans

Mexican Forgery Rings Big Amnesty Plans

Judicial Watch

Confident that Congress would pass an amnesty bill, the head of a multi million-dollar Mexican forgery ring bragged that he could create fake documents to prove that illegal immigrants were in the country in time to qualify for the legalization.

Instead, Julio Leija-Sanchez, who ran a $3 million-a-year forgery operation was arrested but not before immigration officials recorded him laying out his big business plans after U.S. lawmakers passed a bill granting amnesty to the nation’s estimated 12 million illegal immigrants.

A U.S. immigration official’s lengthy affidavit details how Leija-Sanchez assured clients and associates that he could easily forge documents to fool the U.S. government into believing illegal aliens were in the country in time to quailify for the amnesty. In wiretapped conversations, Leija-Sanchez brags how his forgery ring could “fix papers” to falsely prove the requisite residency period to qualify for amnesty.

After all, his sophisticated Mexican-based business has produced false documents for hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens in cities across the nation, including Denver Lost Angeles and Chicago. The business recruited illegal immigrants to sell the fake documents – including drivers’ licenses and green cards—on U.S. street corners and strip mall parking lots.

Earlier this year Leija-Sanchez and 21 others were arrested by federal authorities but the business continues operating out of Mexico. The ringleader’s plan to capitalize on pending legislation proves one lawmaker’s homeland security analyst right when he said fraud document cartels in Mexico are gearing up to make money from comprehensive immigration reform.

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