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Judicial Watch • N.Y. Judge Sent To Prison In Bribery Scandal

N.Y. Judge Sent To Prison In Bribery Scandal

N.Y. Judge Sent To Prison In Bribery Scandal

Judicial Watch

A disgraced New York Supreme Court Justice previously suspended by the state’s administrative judge was whisked away in handcuffs to serve a prison sentence for accepting bribes from a shady lawyer to fix cases in his favor.

Judge Gerald Garson, whose law-breaking antics were captured on surveillance videos over five months, accepted cash, drinks, fancy meals and expensive cigars in exchange for rulings that favored the clients of a corrupt attorney friend.

At his sentencing this week, Garson wept as he begged the judge for leniency and assured that the bribes did not in any way influence his decision in approximately 1,100 divorce and financial cases during his five years on the bench in Brooklyn.

Appearing unmoved by the teary emotional plea, Justice Jeffrey Berry sentenced Garson to prison for three to 10 years after telling him that he “abdicated” his “own moral fiber” and reminding the former judge that he brought this upon himself.

Six others have been convicted for participating in Garson’s widespread corruption fiasco, including a Kings County law clerk and a court officer. Garson’s wife, a civil court judge, could be the next to fall in the scandal.

A former attorney and influential figure in Kings County’s Democratic party, Judge Robin Garson is being investigated by the state Commission on Judicial Conduct for judicial ethical lapses involving campaign funds and failing to report criminal behavior.

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