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Judicial Watch • Illegal Immigrant Threatens America From Church Sanctuary

Illegal Immigrant Threatens America From Church Sanctuary

Illegal Immigrant Threatens America From Church Sanctuary

JULY 06, 2007

Concerned about its political image, the federal government refuses to deport a criminal illegal immigrant hiding in a Chicago church even though she recently announced a resistance campaign against the United States that will bring the country’s economy to a halt.

The Mexican woman, Elvira Arellano, was apprehended last year in Chicago where she was caught using a fake Social Security number to work at the city’s O’Hare Airport. She first entered the country illegally in 1997 and was previously deported to her native Mexico before violating federal law again by returning in 2000.

After getting caught and deported the second time, Arellano instead holed up in a Methodist church where she has dared immigration authorities to come and get her while she operates a huge anti-America campaign with the help of various Latino rights groups that defend illegal immigration.

While there is no right to sanctuary in a church under U.S. law and nothing to prevent immigration officials from arresting Arellano, agents have refused to do so because it would look bad politically to haul people out of churches.

In the meantime, Arellano, who has a U.S.-born anchor baby, publicly threatened to bring the nation’s government and economy to a halt hours after the Senate voted against advancing the immigration reform law that would have granted amnesty to millions of her brethren.

The criminal illegal alien’s so-called “campaign of resistance” demands the revival and passage of comprehensive immigration reform as well as an immediate moratorium on all raids and deportations. She says that illegal immigrants will not sit quietly if U.S. lawmakers cannot summon the courage to fix the broken law.

From her church hideout, she has also organized a massive rally later this month in the nation’s capitol to confront the leaders of both parties as well as the president. The turnout is sure to be large since illegal immigrant advocates consider Arellano’s defiance of the government’s deportation order heroic. In fact, she has become a symbol and rallying point in the struggle against what Chicano groups call the “racist regime of terror and persecution against immigrants.”

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