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Judicial Watch • Terrorist Front Groups Still Open In Michigan

Terrorist Front Groups Still Open In Michigan

Terrorist Front Groups Still Open In Michigan

Judicial Watch

While federal officials brag about finally shutting down a pair of Michigan terrorist front groups operating as charities, two larger Middle Eastern groups that openly fund Al-Qaeda terrorists remain open in the state.

Evidently, the FBI raided two of Michigan’s smaller terrorist front organizations this week in Dearborn while two bigger and wealthier groups in Detroit continue providing millions of dollars in funding to Al-Qaeda terrorists throughout the Middle East and Hezbollah leaders in Lebanon.

Raided and shut down this week were the Martyrs Foundation and the Goodwill Charitable Organization, both crucial supporters of renowned Middle Eastern terrorist organizations. The U.S. Treasury Department says the Iranian-based groups channel millions to Hezbollah, Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

While shutting these operations down is certainly commendable, it’s puzzling that the U.S. government doesn’t move in on the state’s two bigger front groups, Detroit-based Life For Relief and Development and the Al-Mabarat Charitable Organization.

News blogger Debbie Schlussel has documented the groups’ activities and longtime financial support of Hamas and Al-Qaeda terrorists in Iraq as well as Hezbollah leaders in South Lebanon.

Schlussel asks why the FBI won’t touch these so-called charities and accuses the U.S. Attorney in Michigan of fraternizing with the terrorist groups’ top officers and officials. She compares the government’s inaction to fighting only one cancerous tumor and allowing the rest of the cancer to metastasize.

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