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Judicial Watch • Mexican Drug Lords Sneak Terrorists Into U.S.

Mexican Drug Lords Sneak Terrorists Into U.S.

Mexican Drug Lords Sneak Terrorists Into U.S.

Judicial Watch

Islamic extremists and Mexican drug cartels have joined forces and taken advantage of a porous southern border and lack of intelligence sharing among key U.S. government agencies to smuggle weapons and terrorists into the country.

Once in the United States, the Middle Eastern terrorists pose as Hispanics and even change their Arab surname to blend in and possibly plan another terrorist attack. The new partnership makes plenty of sense, according to a federal agency’s assessment, since Mexican drug traffickers and terrorists operate in a clandestine environment and both groups utilize similar methodologies to function.

The alarming information comes from a Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) report that lays out how Islamic terrorists and violent Mexican drug gangs have teamed up to successfully penetrate the U.S. as well as finance terror networks in the Middle East.

The confidential and secretive document was recently obtained and made public by a reputable newspaper that has written extensively about the terrorist threats to the southern border. It says that it’s very likely that any future September 11th type of terrorist event in the United States may be facilitated by drug traffickers operating on both sides of the United States-Mexico border.

Unfortunately, this has not motivated various government intelligence agencies to cooperate with each other and gather and share information that could intercept a future attack. In fact, the report specifically states that the lack of information sharing is creating a blind spot on the war on terror and has left the country vulnerable to another attack.

A separate intelligence report from the Department of Homeland Security says that the U.S. Border Patrol has failed to adequately protect the southern border, leaving the country vulnerable to Al Qaeda operatives who have tried to smuggle terrorists and weapons into the country through Mexico.

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