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Judicial Watch • Hillary’s Chinese Funny Money Keeps Flowing

Hillary’s Chinese Funny Money Keeps Flowing

Hillary’s Chinese Funny Money Keeps Flowing

Judicial Watch

On the heels of returning nearly one million tainted dollars from a fugitive Chinese fundraiser, Hillary Clinton is under fire for taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in suspicious donations from poor Chinese immigrants who live in slums and barely make enough money to eat.

Most of them live and work in New Yorkâ??s rundown China Town neighborhood and some deny making the $500 to $2,300 political donations which, in most cases, equals several weeksâ?? salary for the low-income dishwashers, waiters and cooks.

Others say they were pressured by Chinatown criminal enterprises to donate money to Clintonâ??s presidential campaign and one admitted lacking the legal U.S. resident status required to donate campaign money to a candidate.

The bully organizations are sometimes disguised as neighborhood associations but are known to be affiliated with criminal operations that engage in gambling and human trafficking. Often they offer recent immigrants, most from Chinaâ??s Fuijan province, protection against crime and help obtaining U.S. residence.

Some of Clintonâ??s supposed New York Chinatown donors donâ??t even exist, according to a newspaperâ??s thorough investigation. Of more than 150 Chinese donors who gave her money one-third could not be found using public records nor have they registered to vote. Yet, in one month alone, Clinton got nearly $400,000 from an area known for its poverty.

Just last month the former First Lady, under public pressure, returned $850,000 that had been donated by jailed Chinese fundraiser Norman Hsu. The corrupt businessman was a fugitive from U.S. justice when he bundled the money and he used friends and associates, including a blue-collar California family of Chinese descent, to exceed contribution limits to Clintonâ??s campaign.

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