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Judicial Watch • Drug Smuggler In Campean, Ramos Case Indicted

Drug Smuggler In Campean, Ramos Case Indicted

Drug Smuggler In Campean, Ramos Case Indicted

Judicial Watch

The Mexican drug smuggler who got immunity from the U.S. government to testify against two veteran Border Patrol agents has finally been indicted and arrested for possessing and distributing marijuana months after testifying against the federal officers.

U.S. lawmakers from both parties as well as Americans nationwide were outraged that the Border Patrol agents—Jose Campean and Ignacio Ramos–received 11 and 12-year prison sentences for intercepting a large drug cargo near El Paso while the notorious illegal immigrant trafficker was set free.

Federal prosecutors actually went into Mexico and offered the drug dealer, Osvaldo Aldrete Davila, immunity to testify against Ramos and Campean because they had shot him in the buttocks as he fled south of the border. The agents were subsequently convicted of causing serious bodily injury, assault with a deadly weapon and violating the drug smuggler’s civil rights.

This week the infamous Texas U.S. Attorney (Johnny Sutton), who sent the Border Patrol officers to jail, announced that the Mexican dealer was caught smuggling drugs into the country yet again and a federal grand jury has indicted him with possession of marijuana as well as intent to distribute it.

The confident and cocky Davila actually smuggled more than 220 pounds of marijuana through the same El Paso port of entry where Ramos and Campean had previously intercepted his 753-pound stash. The incident occurred months after he testified, protected by immunity, against the imprisoned officers.

U.S. Attorney Sutton was quick to point out, however, that the illegal immigrant drug smuggler’s conduct does not excuse the crimes committed by the Border Patrol agents.

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