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Judicial Watch • Clintons Use Foundation To Violate Donation Laws

Clintons Use Foundation To Violate Donation Laws

Clintons Use Foundation To Violate Donation Laws

DECEMBER 27, 2007

Using her husband’s foundation to avoid federal campaign finance laws, Hillary Clinton is raising huge sums for her presidential campaign from the same donors who gave the former president millions in exchange for his help in policy changes and intervention during federal probes.

While foreign contributions to presidential campaigns are illegal and Americans are limited to $2,300 per election, the Clintons skirt the law by accepting hundreds of millions of dollars from foreigners and favor-seeking U.S. citizens through the Clinton Foundation. This allows the power couple to accept unlimited cash from undisclosed sources, including foreign governments and wealthy Americans in trouble with the law.

In fact, nearly 100 donors who combined to give the Clinton Foundation around $70 million sought changes in U.S. policies and a couple—including a Chicago bankruptcy lawyer cleared of federal charges after donating $1 million–bought the former president’s intervention while they were being investigated by the Justice Department. The former chairman of a major communications company, Bernard Schwartz, also donated $1 million while his firm was being investigated for giving China satellite technology.

Those who purchased policy changes include the nation’s leading beer maker (Anheuser-Busch), a $1 million contributor after the Clinton administration’s Federal Trade Commission agreed not to regulate beer, wine and liquor ads and a Puerto Rican doctor who pledged $1 million in 1999 in exchange for increased Medicare reimbursements.

The Saudi royal family, the king of Morocco and the governments of Kuwait and Qatar have also given the Clinton Foundation undisclosed but huge amounts of money which will no doubt benefit Hillary. In fact, as her presidential campaign flourishes donations to her husband’s foundation have increased by %70 to a whopping $135 million.

A big chunk of the money has come from 11 donors who, of course, want Hillary to move into the White House. Among them is a Canadian mogul, Frank Giustra, who recently gave $31 million and has pledged another $100 million plus half of his future earnings. THis proves that there’s no telling how much money Hillary can raise through her husband’s coveted foundation, or how it will influence her if she is elected commander-in-chief. It’s safe to assume, however, that the New York senator will act in the same fashion as her beloved husband.

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