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Judicial Watch • Hillary Disinformation About Her First Lady Records In Debate

Hillary Disinformation About Her First Lady Records In Debate

Hillary Disinformation About Her First Lady Records In Debate

Judicial Watch

Hillary Clinton continues stonewalling the release of her First Lady records and in last night’s debate against rival Barack Obama she actually blamed the Bush administration for not releasing the highly-sought documents.

In the nationally televised debate, in response to a question about a Judicial Watch lawsuit to obtain her office schedules and other documents, Clinton said that she has urged the quick release of the records and implied that President George W. Bush is responsible for the hold up, saying that he “claims the right to look at anything that is released” and urging the Bush White House to “move as quickly as possible.”

The reality is that Clinton’s husband has the power to speed the release of the documents if he wanted to. Instead, the infamous former first couple is purposely delaying the release of crucial information in the midst of the primaries.

Judicial Watch sued the National Archives to obtain thousands of documents from Clinton’s tenure as First Lady, including her daily schedules and work as head of the miserably failed and costly White House task force on health care. As a result of one of these lawsuits, the Department of Justice confirmed that the National Archives and Records Administration finished processing 10,000 pages of Hillary’s schedules last month.

That means the documents are ready to be made public and their release rests with Bill Clinton. In the past, the former president has publicly stated his desire to have his wife’s entire records released immediately and has blamed the National Archives for the delay. (Bill doesn’t mention that he sent a letter to the Archives that would prevent the release communications between him and Mrs. Clinton, among other important material, until after 2012.)

The Archives has the discretion to release the former First Lady’s daily schedules after 30 days notice to Bill Clinton and President Bush. (The Bush White House simply has no authority to delay the release of the documents past the 30 days and has said it would move to speed its review along. No such promises have been made by the Clintons.) Again, this 30 day clock began ticking on February 1.

When the debate moderator further pressed Clinton last night on the issue, reminding her that the records have been ready for public disclosure for a month, she simply smiled and said that she hopes they will be made public soon – as if she has nothing to do with it. All Bill Clinton has to do is say the word and Hillary’s schedules will be released to the American people immediately. Instead, the delay has continued for one reason – the Clintons. Senator Clinton’s debate answer on her records last night was dishonest.

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