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Judicial Watch • Clinton Records Contradict Her Touted Experience

Clinton Records Contradict Her Touted Experience

Clinton Records Contradict Her Touted Experience

Judicial Watch

Records of Hillary Clinton’s tenure as First Lady, released this week thanks to a lengthy Judicial Watch lawsuit, hardly support her campaign rhetoric of being the most experienced presidential candidate.

Granted she lived in the White House for eight years but she mainly held a traditional First Lady role that doesn’t make her any more qualified to be commander in chief than any other presidential wife.

The thousands of pages of documents, made available by Judicial Watch, indicate that Clinton’s influence diminished drastically after her disastrous national health care initiative failed early in her husband’s first term.

Clinton was then relegated to a standard First Lady role that included meetings with other political wives, touring cathedrals and medical facilities, lunching with prominent women and participating in ceremonies abroad.

The records say that on the day U.S. cruise missiles hit Serbia the former First Lady was touring Egyptian ruins and on the day Bill launched attacks against al Qaeda training camps in the Middle East, his wife was vacationing at Martha’s Vineyard.

Clinton’s First Lady records also document that she was a huge advocate of an international trade pact between the U.S., Mexico and Canada that she has repeatedly criticized during her presidential campaign. She held at least five meetings in the early 1990s aimed at helping to win congressional approval of the North American Free Trade Agreement, which was implemented in 1994.

Judicial Watch is still litigating in federal court to make public Clinton’s First Lady phone records, which should have been released two years ago.

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