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Judicial Watch • Illegal Immigrants Register U.S. Voters

Illegal Immigrants Register U.S. Voters

Illegal Immigrants Register U.S. Voters

Judicial Watch

Confidently asserting that they no longer need to live in the shadows, illegal immigrant students at a major public university have launched a grass-roots campaign to register voters who can speak for them at the polls since they are not eligible to cast ballots.

The student group at California’s San Jose State University is also pushing lawmakers to pass legislation granting illegal immigrants a pathway to U.S. citizenship when they graduate from college. California is one of nine states that offer illegal immigrants reduced resident tuition at its taxpayer-funded colleges and universities.

Already benefiting from a coveted taxpayer-financed perk reserved for legal residents of the state, the illegal alien students are planning to register thousands of voters that agree with their views and can help them elect a president that is pro illegal immigrant.

Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have supported legislation (Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors or DREAM Act) that would make nearly 400,000 illegal immigrants eligible for legal status and subsequent U.S. citizenship if they graduate from college. It would also grant illegal aliens discount in-state tuition at all of the nation’s public colleges.

Activism on college campuses is hardly a new concept, but this movement is unique because it illustrates tremendous boldness in those who violate U.S. federal law yet have no fear of deportation or any other punitive consequence for their action.

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