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Judicial Watch • Obama Admits Close Ties To Indicted Fundraiser

Obama Admits Close Ties To Indicted Fundraiser

Obama Admits Close Ties To Indicted Fundraiser

Judicial Watch

Failing miserably to distance himself from the indicted Syrian fundraiser who has bankrolled his political career, Barack Obama has finally admitted his strong ties to the corrupt developer who is currently the star defendant in a federal extortion trial.

The Illinois senator said that for years he trusted Antoin Rezko and confessed that his longtime pal with deep pockets raised more money—about a quarter of a million dollars—for his political campaigns than previously admitted.

Furthermore, the Democratic presidential candidate now realizes that it was a “mistake” to enter into major personal financial deals—including a big real estate transaction—with Rezko at a time when the shady developer was under Grand Jury investigation for extorting millions of dollars in kickbacks out of investment firms seeking state business.

Evidently it completely escaped the Harvard Law School graduate senator that engaging in personal business with a major contributor, who is heavily involved in politics, indeed creates a whopping conflict of interest. That’s not even taking into account that the guy is being criminally investigated.

Thankfully, Obama has been enlightened. It did, however, take intense media scrutiny relating to his longtime relationship with Rezko who is also charged with influence peddling and conspiracy and has been accused of obtaining $10.5 million from a company through fraud and swindling of group investors.

The public can be assured, however, that Obama is the best choice for commander in chief. At least that is what he said after finally admitting his storied relationship with Rezko. When considering him, voters should see somebody who is not engaged in any wrongdoing and “who they can trust.”

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