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Judicial Watch • Sharpton On Clinton: “Never Done Nothing For Us”

Sharpton On Clinton: “Never Done Nothing For Us”

Sharpton On Clinton: “Never Done Nothing For Us”

Judicial Watch

Claiming that Hillary Clinton has “never done nothing for us,” a nationally-known and controversial black leader who once ran for president has announced his highly sought support for Barack Obama.

The Reverend Al Sharpton, who has threatened marches and demonstrations if Florida’s delegates are counted, is actually quite friendly with Obama and has boasted that he talks to the Illinois senator two or three times a week.

During a recent rally of his National Action Network followers, Sharpton recounted how he personally pledged his support for Obama during a private conversation with the senator. Sharpton said he old Obama; “I’m gonna do whatever I gotta do to help you.” Then he delivered the grammatically incorrect sentence about his Democratic primary opponent.

The coveted endorsement comes days after the explosive revelations that a member of Obama’s presidential campaign, his longtime friend and pastor, regularly delivers racist and incendiary sermons damning America and white people. Obama has unsuccessfully tried to distance himself from the reverend, Jeremiah Wright, because they have been close for two decades and Wright married the Obamas and baptized his two kids.

Ironically, Sharpton’s main reason for supporting Obama is that he claims Clinton’s campaign has made racially tinged statements. He cites Bill Clinton’s comments about fellow civil rights leader Jesse Jackson’s failed presidential bid and former campaign advisor Geraldine Ferraro’s recent comments about Obama.

Sharpton has failed to address the hate-filled and racially divisive sermons delivered by Obama’s strongest supporter (Reverend Wright), who blamed the U.S. for the 2001 terrorist attacks and says God should damn rather than bless America for its treatment of blacks. The veteran Baptist preacher is also a big admirer and ally of Louis Farrakhan, the renowned anti-Christian and anti-Semite cult leader who recently endorsed Obama and calls him the “hope of the entire world.”

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